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Jen's Whole30 Take Back


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To say I am excited to start the Whole30 tomorrow (along with probably thousands of others, since we now have that wonderful option of having daily support!!), is a severe understatement. I cannot wait to feel good again, to own and love my body, to not cringe when I think of the way my stomach jiggles, to not feel "bad" or "good" depending on the type of food I put in my body, to have an excuse to not step on the scale for 30 days, to focus on loving who I am, not hating what I am not ... all of these things, I hope to accomplish in the next 30 days.

I am a 32 year old, single, smart, 184.7 lb woman ... I want to be a 32 year old, happy (alone or with a man), smart, healthy, fit, 160ish lb woman (at some point in the near future). I'm hoping that the Whole30 will give me the tools to make change. I've tried it in the past, but I didn't do as well as I should have (I weighed myself almost every day, and became obsessed with the scale). This time, I want to be obsessed with kale instead :)

Looking forward to what the next 30 days will bring. :)

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Day 1 = done!

I have to say that getting to click that link saying "I did it!", was a HUGE motivator today! Whoever came up with that brilliant idea of posting a video to help keep the momentum, is a genius!!

My food choices today were all Whole30 approved, but they were a bit boring (mostly egg and avocado mixtures -- for breakfast and dinner, with a chicken blt salad for lunch). Tomorrow's quest is to make a quick recipe from Day 1's email (the ground turkey, apple, nutmeg mixture), as well as something with diced, grilled chicken (I made both of them today, in preparation for tomorrow anyway).

I'm excited :) Yay for Day 2 :)

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Day 2 was awesome!!! I wasn't very hungry, and I actually experimented a bit with some different foods. I hate to say that I was exactly that person who has cereal for breakfast and a turkey sandwich for lunch, so to (gasp!) add cooked ground turkey to my breakfast today, was a HUGE move for me!

Here's what I had today:

BR: egg and egg white, with ground turkey, some mushrooms and some watermelon.

LU: romaine leaves with egg/avocado/bacon/tomato mixture, with some almonds and a nectarine.

DN: left over ground turkey with some cooked dice chicken, over kale and spinach leaves, with a side of yam chips (only yam because there were no sweet potatoes in Whole Foods this weekend ... weird), and roasted zucchini. Pretty darn impressed with myself!

I already clicked the "I Did It" link today just because I wanted to see the video (or at least I hoped there would be one!). Another cute one, although not as funny as the day before :) silly how those little things entertain me!

Not sure how to add a picture to this reply, but I was so proud of my dinner that I took a picture of it!

Until tomorrow :)

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Day 3 included TWO (2!!!!) meals with KALE in them! What?!?! Who have I become?! :)

BR: kale, eggs/egg whites, ground turkey, mushrooms, nectarine.

LU: at Panera's: chicken cobb salad, with avocado, tomatoes, egg (no cheese or dressing at all)

DN: salad at Whole Foods: spinach, egg, zucchini, cucumbers, kale, avocado, olives and some grapes

Snack: 1 egg white, some strawberries and some almonds/cashew mix.

I am feeling tired today, but I'm also feeling lonely. I thought, as I was driving home this evening, how maybe the Whole30 will be a cleanse for my emotional state as well. Maybe I can learn to get over the relationship-that-just-won't-end and move on ... as a healthy, happy, human being. Is that too much pressure to put on this 30 day adventure? We'll see ...

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Day 4 and 5 ... still going strong :)

I have to say I'm very proud of myself. I've been on a "diet" since I was probably 10 or 11 years old. I remember counting calories, counting fat and fiber grams, counting carbs and protein, giving up entire food groups ... all in order to lose a few pounds. My friends and family roll their eyes when they hear I'm on a new "diet" because I've been on so many; they've heard it all before.

The Whole30 diet isn't a "diet"; it's an experience, an experiment and a quest. Tonight, I went to a friend's house for a short time, to say hi and catch up (her work schedule is so ridiculous sometimes). Her husband asked me to try out a drink he made ... he picked it up, but I told him, "no, I'm doing the Whole30" and his response was dismissive and almost hurtful. "Ughh why? You're just going to stop in a few days ..." His words trailed off, yet he hadn't realized how it affected me. Yes, I have been on lots of diets. Yes, I always have sometime I dislike about myself, and, yes, I say it out loud a lot. But this Whole30 ... even only 5 days in ... is finally working for me. Although I did the Whole30 in January (or, I made it through 11 days or so), I wasn't experiencing the Whole30 in its entirety. Now, I feel like I'm actually living it.

Day 4:

BR: ground turkey, diced chicken, fried up with kale, coconut oil and 2 eggs/1 egg white, with strawberries.

SN/LU: just some almonds and a nectarine.

DN: chicken cobb salad at Bertuccis -- without any cheese, pesto, or dressing. I also had a few roasted/warm olives as well.

Day 5:

BR: ground turkey, diced chicken, fried with some spinach, coconut oil and 2 eggs/1 egg white, with blueberries.

LU: rolled up deli ham and chicken, with 1 slice bacon, green apple and almond butter and a handful of almonds.

DN: shrimp with squash, green peppers, mushrooms, in a stir fry with some chicken broth.

SN: (at night, while watching the Olympics) some strawberries and blueberries.

Goals for this week:

1. get more veggies in (even to snack on!)

2. work out with some HIIT exercises (to get my heart rate up!)

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Wow I haven't written in a REALLY LONG TIME!! Must do better for the rest of the 30 days ... :)

I have to say I'm loving the emails ... they're motivating, they're encouraging, they're insightful and helpful, and they make me WANT to finish the day strong just to click that link that says "I did it!"

For the last 16 days, I've been really, really good ... I've eaten out only a few times, and when I have, I've made sure to change almost everything on the menu, to make it Whole30 approved. I've cooked all my own meals, but they're a bit boring: mainly chicken or fish at night, with a little Whole30 approved Italian seasoning, sauteed/cooked on a pan veggies, with either yam or sweet potato chips. It's filling, but I need to step out of my comfort zone a bit and make something different.

I'm looking through "Well Fed" tonight and I'm going to lunch on Monday at a friend's house -- another woman there has started the Whole30 because of my posts on Facebook! So I want to make something special to show her (and others) how awesome it is!!

I'll write more for the rest of the 14+ days ... I'll even write more tonight! :)

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Hi Jen,

I signed up for those emails, even though I had started my Whole 30 10 days earlier. I love reading them too! They may not always exactly match where I am on this journey, but there's always something valuable there. I've had several 'aha' moments reading them!

Love your attitude towards the Whole 30 - and it not being a 'diet'. I wrote about that same thing in my log somewhere. For me it's a journey - and the farther along I get on this journey, the stronger the sense that for me this is going to be a lifelong journey. Whole 30? How about Whole Life?!!


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Hi Kaye,

Sorry for not writing back sooner ... I guess I'm not very good at that goal!

And I agree with the "WholeLife" idea .... I was just thinking tonight about my next Whole30 and I've decided to start again on September 10th ... I'm moving the weekend before and it will be great to have a new, freshly stocked, all Whole30 kitchen! Maybe after that, I'll think about doing a year like that as well, who knows ;)

Thanks for checking in and keep in touch ;)

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Busy lives mean we don't all have the luxury of checking in here every day - just come back when you can and tell us about your progress! I think "Whole Life" to me means that the Whole 30 way of eating will be the foundation for me, with occasional bits of "off-roading" here and there - special occasions, a rare treat here and there. It will take some care on my part, though, not to let a 'rare' treat turn in to a frequent one! I'm actually at Day 33; we started July 22 and decided to jump onto the August Whole 30. We're going to have a go at re-introducing dairy on August 31 and then get right back on track on Sept 1.

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