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Sclaity's second Whole30, this time to completion


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Hello whole30 friends! I am a 30 year old woman who started her second whole30 this week. Some background on me:

- I tried a whole30 in 2011, and stopped on day 23

- I used to eat strict paleo and felt great

- Over the last year I've reincorporated a lot of grains and dairy into my diet

- I have little willpower over sweets and that needs to change

- I used to do CrossFit and now I focus more on lifting, but have been lazy about the gym and my lifts always feel heavier than they should

- I feel like garbage!

My goals are:

- Kill the sugar demon

- Reset my eating habits by doing the entire whole30

- Stop feeling so fatigued

- Feel stronger in the gym, go at least 4x/wk

- Learn how grains and dairy affect me

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I'm currently on day 3.

So far my breakfasts have been 3 eggs scrambled with tomato, spinach, and onion. Lunches have been a piece of meat with stir fry vegetables and nuts, and dinners have been similar. I've been having small servings of fruit with coconut milk in the evenings to keep my sanity, but I am my planning on continuing this after my "carb flu" goes away.

I'll start logging my actual meals today!

Breakfast: 3 large eggs, scrambled with half a tomato and a large handful of chopped spinach

Lunch is planned to be a beef and chicken stir fry spiced with curry powder and about 1/8c coconut milk. I'll have a small handful of almonds/cashews as well.

Supper will be a Costco portion of salmon with broccoli, peppers, and tomato. I'll have a handful of cashews and likely some pineapple after dinner too.

Please feel free to offer any suggestions or advice! :)

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Thanks Tina!


I was in and out of the operating room all morning and started to feel a bit lightheaded around 10:30, so I had a banana and a handful of cashews. Then for lunch I had two chicken thighs, some stir fried vegetables, and a serving of pineapple. Mid afternoon I had a large handful of salted nuts. Not a great day.


Now, suppertime, I am making a salmon curry with about 1/6 cup of coconut milk and one costco frozen salmon portion per serving. There are lots of vegetables in there too; peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, jalapeno, and it is all served over cauliflower "rice".


I am definitely relying way too much on fruit and nuts throughout the day. I think I'll need to figure out a way to eat more at meals.

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Breakfast: Sauteed vegetables with 3 scrambled eggs, handful of nuts

Lunch: Roasted chicken leg with broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot

After work snack: Handful salted cashews, serving diced pineapple (maybe 6 cubes 2cmx2cm)

Supper: Salmon curry with cauliflower rice leftover from yesterday


I am doing a little bit better today with the fruit and nuts but still can't quite get it right. I guess this will be a learning curve...

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Day 8: Things continue to improve. My carb cravings are greatly reduced and I'm relying a lot less on fruits and nuts. I've been following the meal map pretty well and experimenting with new whole30 compliant recipes.


I hadn't been to the gym in a few days (crazy fatigue, which I guess is normal on days 4, 5, and 6) and when I went yesterday I had a huge amount of energy and had the best workout I've had in a long time. Coincidence? Not sure but I am looking forward to going back today.

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