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Nauseated while eating...

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I am on day 2 of my Whole 30 and whoa....I start to feel so sick while eating. On the plus side, it made me slow down and pretty much stop. I am assuming this is part of the cutting sugar and carbs out of the diet? Did anyone else get this and what helps? Plus, my co-workers were talking about Taco Bell and it took all I had not to run for my car. I had a bad headache on day 1 and no headache yesterday, but today it is back.


Anyone have any good suggestions?

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I'm on Day 14 and the very thought of food just makes me want to throw up.  Nothing sounds good.  Except maybe a Chic Fil-A sandwich.  LOL 

Breakfast is the absolute worst.  My breakfast before Whole30 was a spoonful of Peanut Butter after I had some coffee with creamer.  Occasionally I would eat some oatmeal or a sausage biscuit.  Eating eggs for breakfast makes me nauseated.  


On this program, I've eaten eggs for breakfast, but the thought of one right now makes me ill.  I've tried other things...meat, etc. but at this point, I just don't want to eat.  I caught a cold and I'm tired.  

I even had a dream of cheating on this diet last night!  It was a cheese nip and some butter---I don't even care for cheese nips!  


I'm sitting here trying to decide what to have for lunch...NOTHING sounds good.  

I have lost some weight--I can tell.  Clothes fit better.

But I am discouraged because nothing tastes good to me.  


Any advice?? :wacko:

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