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Starting April 1 - and it is no joke!


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Weight: I lost only about 3 lbs, but that's ok. I would have preferred to drop another 4 lbs and be back to my  normal summer weight, but I look fine in clothes, so big deal. I didn't measure, but my husband and colleagues all say I look great, so I should trust them, right?


Muscle pains: I was hoping my muscle pains were due to inflammation, but they haven't really decreased. So they may be due to menopause/overuse/whatever. Alas!


Sleep: better, which is great.


Food variety: I'm loving eating this way! The best part of the Whole30 for me is rediscovering how much I love to cook veggies, cool sauces, delicious chilis and braises


Energy: ever since I started primal 12 years ago, I've been the energizer bunny, so that didn't change much, but I didn't expect it to


Evening alertness: cutting out my nightly drink has been a huge benefit to feeling alert in the evening. I'll keep it cut out and only drink a little bourbon when I'm out with friends

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I lost 11.5 lbs, 11.25 inches accumulative, my bad attitude, pain in my left shoulder and right hip, numbers in my B/P, stress eating, and my fast food habit. I have gained, better vision, energy, sleep, clearer skin, clearer mind, enjoyment and interest in cooking and space between my belly and the steering wheel! :D:wacko:

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I have decided to continue with another W3. I feel my gut still needs some time yet for healing. I have to say, there really isn't anything I miss. I do hope that I can reintroduce my raw milk when I am done with no problems. If not, it will be an occasional treat and some high quality bathing product. I went to bed last night undecided which fork in the road I needed to take. The reintro to foods or continue with another Whole 30. I woke up this am with an answer, continue on. My gut needs more time to heal from all the damage I have done to it over the past 30+ years. You think it's not a problem when you are young, because it is a gradual damage and you don't notice it. Then 50, or even 40 looms ahead and you start to realize how awful you feel. Tired all them time, no motivation, dependent on coffee, sugar, monster drinks fast food to get you up and thru the day. Cranky and hungry, even tho you are stuffed, can't get to sleep or stay asleep and/or hit the snooze a zillion times before dragging out of bed. Yes, food did that, and the food out there today is working even faster. Aches and pains making you feel older than you are. Depression, affecting work and relationships. Whole 30 is the first "diet" that has ever given me hope. Hope of a future of real health, without addiction. Without "Why, why, why can't I quit eating this junk, I know it is killing me?". Without tears, anger, self castigation. Hope for better relationships with food, friends, family, and myself. Hope for a better life. The one I want, not the one I am living, struggling to accomplish even the smallest project, to simply go to work on some days. Already that has improved. The junk sings it siren song. "I'm Never Gonna Give You Up" is it's theme. Look at me, I taste good it tells you, it's a trap, a deceitful death trap. I know now that it can be broken. For me, now it has. Yes. Whole 30 looks scary, all you have to give up for 30 days. It is scary. Change is scary. What looked scarier was a future of ill healthy spiraling downward, unable to enjoy those sweet grandbabies. Life is scary, but it's also fun and we live it. I want to live it well. I don't need the junk food to live a full, satisfying, wonderful life. I need my health and mental well being. To life, health and happiness. That's the road I'm on. Good luck to you all on your journey!

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