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whole 30 musings.


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Today is day 30. DAY 30!! I even drew balloons and stars next to it in my food diary as a celebration.... 


Here are some of the things I learnt about myself from doing a whole30. Sorry, these are just ramblings as they come tumbling out of my head...


Nut butters/nuts are food without brakes.

Cocoa is a sugar dragon.

Fruit is a sugar dragon.

I am more anxious when I don't have food as a distraction.

Eating mindlessly is part of my routine and when I'm bored/studying.

I really need to only eat when hungry.

Sweet potato wedges are amazing.

Homemade shepherds pie with blended cauliflower florets instead of potato is amazing.

Food will not fix my problems.

Sugar will not fix my problems.

Alcohol is a crutch for my social anxiety.

Coffee gives me panic attacks.

Homemade hot cocoa is amazing (cocoa, coconut oil,  ghee, topped with cinnamon)

Dates unleash my sugar dragon.

I need to drink more water.

My eczema has improved.

SWYPO pancakes are a food without brakes. AND NAUGHTY.

I really don't know how to reward myself without food.

I hide a lot of emotional issues behind food/caffeine/alcohol.

I am actually quite depressed.

Food should be fuel, not comfort.

When I'm busy, I don't have time to think about food/alcohol.

I should probably choose better friends if I can't let them see me as the 'real' me without caffeine/alcohol.

When I get anxious, I eat.

When I get sad, I eat.

When I'm angry, I eat.

I never thought I'd see day 30.


I never thought I could do 30 days without...

M&S percy pigs sweets

cake (and my mum has made A LOT)




banana bread

hot chocolates




jelly babies



cheese on toast

soya milk

rice milk

almond milk

chocolate coconut milk

peanut butter




to name a few....


I have learnt so much about myself. And it is really shocking. It has gone beyond the 'I want to lose weight' part, it is like my brain has been physically stripped back to the core and now I have a better idea of areas I need to work on emotionally/mentally.



What next?


A whole 30 AIP protocol....


Goodbye eggs, cocoa, nuts...!


Glutton for punishment...




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Congratulations on making it through, and on starting to uncover yourself! 


Sweet potato in general really is amazing. I love it mashed with coconut milk, I literally smile every time I put it in my mouth, but can also happily stop when I'm done. Like a little orange miracle :)

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Thanks all. My anxiety is actually worse than ever after my whole30, BUT, it has made me realise where the problem areas are now I'm not hiding behind food. day 31, lets do this!

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