introducing meat/fish & resulting in less sleep and anger


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I just finished my first whole 30 a few days ago, and am just finally writing it with my big question.

I formerly was a gluten free vegan.  With out meat,  I sleep  well 10 hours per night.  With it I sleep either 5 hours or sometimes 7. I avoided meat because I wake up in the middle of the night really angry when I eat even a little. And I am angry during the day too.  I have stuck with it for the month, waiting for it to wear off.  I am eating eggs, chicken and salmon.  Venison is better, beef is worse.


Any helpful advice?

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As a vegan, your gut bacteria might not be adequately developed to digest meat. You would probably benefit from taking digestive enzymes while eating meat. Most people who keep eating meat grow the gut bacteria needed to digest it within a few months and can stop taking digestive enzymes.


Digestion problems might disturb your sleep.


Waking up angry suggests that you remain conflicted about eating meat. There are no simple solutions to resolving that kind of conflict.  

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Was the beef you were eating grassfed or organic?  If not, maybe that is why venison is better since it's not factory raised type meat.  Ideally, if you can get organic grassfed beef, that would be best.  Also, eat the beef earlier in the day, not for dinner.  There is something in beef (I don't remember the name cuz it's early ;) that can keep you awake.  When I eat grassfed filet (we call it Happy Meat) I run around the kitchen afterwords cleaning more than I normally do.  I get a burst of energy from it.  So it's better to eat beef for breakfast or lunch (odd, I know, but then again all sorts of things are different on a whole 30 :) )

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