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Day 3 + Bad News = Terrified


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My self-introduction two days ago, on this forum, said that I was doing the Whole30 because my son is getting married in October, and in addition to wanting to look better for that, I mostly want to be physically ready for any grandchildren that would follow shortly, I hoped.


My husband is not doing the program, although he should.


Well, yesterday, at the end of Day 2, after dinner, our son called to tell us that the wedding, the engagement, the entire relationship – are all off.  Done.  We are heartbroken.  For him, for her, for us. 


(You are the first people to know, because I cannot get up the energy, or the nerve to tell the family.)


We hung up the phone, stunned. 


My husband went into emotional eating, stomping around, complaining that there was “nothing to eat in this @#$% house..†  (Of course there isn't, I cleaned everything out on Saturday..).  I kept busy – freezing the amazing bone broth I'd made the day before and put in the fridge to get the fat out, wiping down kitchen cupboards, etc.  I drank a litre of water.  I went to bed at 9 pm.


Surprisingly, (or not) I slept through the night, which was a first for me.  This morning I woke to my daily email from Whole30, only to find out that Day 3 is one of the WORST days.   I also woke wanting  my homemade buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup.


I had a hard-cooked egg, some carrots and some mashed avocado for breakfast.  My husband went to get a Sausage Egg McMuffin and hashbrown at McDonald's.  At least he didn't bring it home. 


I'm working from home today, and so is my husband (usually that's a good thing...) but having him around today, with us both emotionally wrecked, and him wanting to eat eat eat... I'm terrified I'm going to cave.   To be honest, part of me is already thinking “well, if I have to start over, it's only Day 3....â€


How to get through today?

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I'm so sorry this happened! One thing that helps me, is to make sure I am eating enough of the compliant food. One egg is not enough protein for breakfast. Make sure you give your body lots of protein and fat and starchy vegetables. Don't skimp and it will be easier to resist when you have the urge to eat off plan.


One other thing to thing about: I know for me, I have better control over my emotions when I am eating this way. Not that emotions are a bad thing, but I find it easier to remain calm and cope with stuff if I am not introducing foods that mess with me emotionally and physically.


Hang in there. Breathe. Go for a walk or take a yoga class. You can do this!

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Take a deep breath.  In fact take a few.  Do something that will relax you right now.  Weather it be going for a walk, taking a bubble bath, reading for half an hour.  Whatever.  Do something relaxing.


As MissMary says above being emotional is not a bad thing.  In fact it's part of being human.  It's normal.  Just feed yourself right, and things should blow over.  You got this.

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^^What MM and Carla said. Also, since it sounds like your dear husband is the opposite of helpful right now, might I suggest you temporarily remove yourself from his company? If you're working from home could you just as easily take your laptop and work from somewhere else? A coffee shop, or perhaps a library if you don't want the temptation of pastries? Just a thought.

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