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Chapin's Whole30 Log - March 17 Start Date


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I should have started this on DAY 1 But I can't go backwards, so here goes. 


On T minus 2, I drove for 40 minutes to a retailer who has only grass-fed, organically raised, animals. It's a pretty ingenious operation - he owns and pays for the feed of all the animals, but he's not a farmer.  The Mennonites in the area farm the animals, and each farm is located at least 50 km from any farm using pesticides, etc.  (If you're in SouthWestern Ontario: http://www.brookersmeat.com/  ).  They deliver too!  


On T minus 1 - I shopped for (mostly) organic produce, and put some of the delicious-looking marrow bones from Brookers into the slow cooker with some onions, carrots, celery and garlic.


Hard-cooked a dozen eggs. 


Had chicken, ribs and half-order of fries for dinner (Swiss Chalet). 


Monday, March 17 - Start Date.


Out of bed at 5:30 am, and on the road by 5:50 am. 


Had a trainer-led workout scheduled for 6:30 am.  I've been working with him for six weeks already, doing the "conditioning" phase, and this was our first "strength" workout.  Finished it without any problem. Should have eaten breakfast first - had to wait until after my workout, and after locker-room time.  Won't do that again.


Breakfast was a hard-cooked eggs, 1 cup of baby carrots, and a little less than half of an avocado, mashed for dipping. 

Lunch was a big salad of baby kale, with 80g of tuna, and a half of an avocado.  It was delicious, and kept me full right up to supper.


Supper was half of a grass-fed rib-eye steak, served with roasted & mashed sweet potatoes, with about 2 oz of beef broth in the mash, and roasted brussel sprouts.  It was delicious.  Lots of water, and bed at about 10 pm.


Tuesday, March 18 - Day 2


Out of bed around 5:45, on the road by 6:00.  Ate a hard-cooked egg in the car.


Tuesdays are treadmill days, did 40 minutes of interval training on the treadmill.  30 minutes later, ate 3 oz of ribeye (cold) a handful of grape tomatoes, and a handful of olives.  Better than it sounds.


Lunch was a little over a cup of the mashed sweet potato from the night before, some olives, and 4 oz of rib-eye.  I have a "Lunch Crock" - it looks like a crockpot and allows me to heat food slowly and nutritiously, without having to line up for a microwave (which I do not like using - don't even have one at home).  Search Amazon for "lunch crock".  You can't cook in it, only heat.  There are NO smells while it's on your desk.  But I digress...


Dinner was salt cod (which had been soaking since Sunday), sauteed in coconut oil & ghee, together with onions, bell peppers and ackee.  I fell in love with this dish in Jamaica, and it was wonderful as always.  Served it with roasted cauliflower, sprinkled with lemongrass.  

Then the phone rang, and we got some bad news (see other post), and my husband went into overdrive emotional eating, and I got out of his way, and went to bed around 9:00 pm, very sad.




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