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Day 18 and going strong


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I just wanted to post to say that I'm on Day 18 and feel incredible.  I was a true junk food junky with a major sweet tooth, but I decided to take the challenge for 30 days "just to see". 


I have to admit that I "cheated" and weighed myself last Sunday (the half-way point) and was extremely pleased to find I'd lost 13 pounds.  I'm sure a lot was water weight, as I've known for a long time that I had major inflammatory issues from eating grains, but I'll take it!   


Other than that, I believe I have been totally compliant with the rules (except for one day when I had ham in my salad and realized about half way through that it was cured with sugar).  As I type this, I'm drinking a cup of black tea (with no soy lechtins - who would have thought tea might contain soy?!) with nothing in it.  I used to add 8 (count 'em 8) packets of nutrisweet to satisfy my sweet tooth and never thought it would be possible to enjoy tea without tons of sweetener and cream. 


Since I started I really haven't experienced many strong food cravings.  Oddly, the one thing I've craved (but not had) is a glass of sangria (and I rarely drink alcohol - maybe once every month or two). 


The only snag I've encountered is that my running endurance has suffered greatly.  I'm overweight (now at 175) and am in no way competitive, but my running times have dropped by 1-2 minutes/mile and I have difficulty going much beyond 30 mintues (in the past I've run for over 3 hours during long training runs).  I read some of the posts in the forum and plan to add some additonal "safe carbs" like sweet potatoes to my pre-run food regimen.  Otherwise, I'm completely sold now on this way of eating.  Thank you!

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