Vegetarian runner - nausea after running, just started Whole30


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Hi everybody!  I just started the Whole30 last Saturday.  I am a vegetarian / partial vegan (I've been eating yogurt ever since I started Whole30), and am training for a half-marathon.  I have done half-marathons before - no problem - although this is my first half-marathon where I am a little overweight and also starting on Whole30.  I went for an 8-mile run yesterday and when I was finished, I was suddenly nauseous and could not eat for about two hours, until I laid down for a bit and let my stomach pains go away.  I have never experienced this before, even on a long run.  Have any of you had problems like this, and if so, what was your solution?



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Hi Eggmeyer1


as a new whole30 myself, and as a cyclist with similar experience, how are you feeling now?

I've had 2 MTB races on day 5&6 of the program, felt dizziness on the first one and very heavy on the 2nd.


Glad to say that it seems as if it is getting better.

had few macadamia nuts before the race

Had some greens post race

almost used dates during the race but reminded myself that my goal is not the race but the whole30


perhaps some dates will do the job for you?

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