Applegate Organic Uncured Beef Hot dogs


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checked all the ingredients...grass fed beef, water, 2% of the following:  sea salt, organic spices, organic dehydrated garlic, organic dehydrated onion, organic paprika, celery powder.  Sounds good...just wondering if hot dogs are considered a "sex with your pants on" kind of product?? 

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I just discovered this today for lunch...I had forgotten part of mine at home.  Remembered my veggies, but didn't grab my tupperware of chicken breast.


Cut up a frank, microwave it for 30-40 seconds with 2 scrambled eggs in a cup with salt and simple but so good.


This is probably going to be my bacon replacement until I get my order of bacon without sugar...can't find anything local and they were backordered...

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I had my hotdog with Bubbies sauerkraut today.


Ohhh yes! Me too, twice last week. With a giant splat of yellow mustard. SO GOOD.


eta: I'd never before tried true, fermented sauerkraut. I'm in love.

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