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Finished My 1st Whole 30, and No One Died!


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Hi everyone!  I finished my first Whole 30 challenge yesterday...today is Day 1 of reintroduction.  I'd been blogging periodically this past month and just posted my latest blog post that chronicles my observations.  If you're interested, you can find it here: http://stinakazbpt.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/post-whole-30-update-when-the-partys-over/


I'm so glad I decided to do this...a couple of friends finished the challenge in February and they were my inspiration to try it.  It really was life-changing, and I'm looking forward to making fantastic food choices from here on out.


Mostly, I'm glad no one was harmed or killed from my sugar detox.  That actually was a real threat.  I've been known to stab people in the hand with my fork for trying to sneak a taste of my desserts.   :blink:


I'll probably continue to blog and will post updates here.  I haven't posted a whole lot here on this forum, but I was here silently browsing throughout the whole month...what a fantastic resource and support system!


Stay Healthy!



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