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Okay, now let's REALLY do this thang!


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Hello again!

I introduced myself back in June/July, here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/901-lets-do-this-thang/page__fromsearch__1

The basic recap? I'm 34, have had PCOS for more than half of my life, I'm insulin resistant and after doing a Whole30 in July (albeit an imperfect one), I think I've also developed a lactose intolerance since having my son in April 2011. I've suffered from gall bladder attacks in the past and have been overweight since pre-teenagehood. But now I have a little boy who is relying on me and his daddy to be his support system AND we'd really like to try to have another baby but without fertility meds, gestational diabetes, and other complications that come with not really being in shape for a pregnancy to begin with. My mother AND her brother both died before the age of 55 from preventable illnesses with kids who were just teenagers. I have vowed to break that streak.

So I did a Whole30 in July but lost my footing in the last week while on a miserable vacation with a not-so-nice-or-supportive father in law. I didn't fall too hard - just a couple drinks and two trips to the ice cream shop - but it was enough to show me that milk products do not like me anymore AND that I actually really like eating grain/sugar/dairy free because I really do feel so much better. I lost 14 lbs in that month - which is attributable to both Whole30 and FINALLY getting on medication for my insulin resistance issues.

This month, I want my eating to be Whole-30 compliant for the full 30 days but I also want to get serious about weight training. I have an awesome neighborhood friend (who is a Primal eater) who has become my workout buddy. We just have to work on the consistency thing.

This forum has been invaluable to me over the last few weeks, so I'm so glad to have it going forward. Good luck to all you August Whole30ers!

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We are doing it again!!! :) So excited to be doing this again with you! :) I am doing autoimmune this time to see if it helps some issues with digestion and arthritis.

I know what it is like to have unsupportive family. It can be tough. We are here for you!

Yay day 1!

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