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Digestive Enzymes

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Would someone point me in the direction of compliant digestive enzymes?  I did a search but all the threads that come up have the enzyme topic embedded in a journal or something like that... I thought I saw once that you aren't supposed to endorse products on here so maybe a PM?  


Also, for digestion issues (mainly - I seem to only be going to the bathroom every 48 hours... on the day I go I feel ok, on the day I don't I'm bloated and uncomfortable with gastric (vs bowel) discomfort, some minor heartburn and a general 7 month preggers looking abdomen) what is the difference between trying HCl for low stomach acid vs a digestive enzyme.  


I drink about 16 oz of kombucha daily by the way.  I have some sauerkraut "brewing" but my house is so cold it is going to take a while for it to be ready.


My meals have been documented in the my journal here.  



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