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Sweet Potato "Waffles"


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Hi all!


I'm on my first whole30 and was reading Well Fed 2.  There is a recipe for BBQ Beef with Sweet Potato Waffles, but it's noted that the waffles aren't Whole30 compliant.  If someone is familiar with that recipe, can you let me know what the "bad" ingredient is?  


Everything looks compliant, so I was wondering if it was because you were "paleo-izing" regular food.  The same way we can't have paleo brownies when on Whole30.


thanks for the insight!!

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It's not that the ingredients are bad. Your hunch was right: consider no waffles part of the no pancake/no Paleo-ifying treats rule - something that's not allowed on a Whole30.

Save the recipe for something to make after your Whole30 is done.  :)

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