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Day 3 stomach issues

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So we are on day 4 but issues started for my husband on day 3 and I am following him today. My stools are suuuuper soft and he has running to the bathroom diahrea.

For breakfast we have eggs with veggies like parsnip brocolli kale etc. he added on day 3 and 4 organic hot dogs I bought (read labels).

Day 1 food

Cauliflower with curry and pineapple

Cilantro lime chicken

Day 2 food

Turkey chili with brocolli spinach tomatoe (canned but read label) touch of cayenne, tumeric, garlic, basil, oregano

Day 3 food

Roasted chicken leg

Brussels sprouts with carrots

Also I am finding I am starving between meals but just read in another post to add more fat?

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If this food is very different than you were eating before, it can upset your digestive system for a while. You can take over the counter anti-diarrhea meds. It can also help to eat baked sweet potatoes as the bulk of the sweet potatoes can quiet the system.


I find that chicken and turkey leave me hungry. I need eggs and red meat to be satisfied most days. And you are right, add more fat and maybe more protein. Many people do not eat enough when they start a Whole30. The meal template offers guidance on how much to eat:



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Hi Charlie--My partner and I had a very similar intro to the Whole 30 as you and your husband are having.  We tried waiting it out,  but it continued through the whole month.  I felt so good on every other level, so I really kept experimenting and researching and here's what I found:  


For me, eliminating most FODMAPS (like brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic and onions) turned out to be crucial.  I am now on day 80 or so, and my digestion is back to normal. Here are some helpful links in case you want to experiment with omitting those for awhile.






Also, I wholeheartedly agree with the adding more fat thing to help with hunger between meals.  It makes a big difference.


Good luck to you both!

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