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Grass Fed meat and the Drought in the Midwest


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Well, I just placed an order today from honored Prairie for 1/4 of a cow, and 1/8 of a pig. My fingers are crossed because another farm and I had considered ordering from had a notice up on their website that they are no longer taking orders for the remainder of 2012 and 2013 is uncertain right now because of the drought (they say they are just trying to figure out how to survive the winter).

Is anyone else nervous about rising meat prices and what are you doing now to ensure you have enough to get you through the winter?

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I'm in Illinios. I heard from my farmer about a week or so ago that they are going to slaughter 3 months (or maybe a little more) early this year. We order grass finished so the calves are in pasture with the mothers until slaughter. They said they had to take the calves early to preserve the health of the mothers.

Normal average hanging weight is 220 pounds and this year they are expecting hanging weights of only about 150 on average. Since it's just my husband and I we normally alternate 1/2 one year and a 1/4 the next. (LOL we need 1/3!) We already had 1/2 on order for this year and I didn't increase that, but told them to put me down for 1/2 for next year.

I think this is a time when I will be glad we have been a regular, year in year out client with this farmer for several years now.

I hope these small farmers find a way to make ends meet. There are so few to begin with, I hate to think of losing any.

Are these small farmers eligible for any of the subsidies that the big agribusinesses are eligible for??? I hope so.

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