Reintroced gluten free- could I have wine tonight?

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Hi everyone,

I reintroduced gluten free grains today (round 2) and so far feel great still. I noticed 2 yawns but only slept 2 hours last night so think it's not the grains. I'm going to a party tonight. Would one glass of wine affect the gluten free grain trial? I've been on whole 30 completely clean for 45 days. Other than when I tried gluten free a week ago and had a major reaction which was not a reaction but rather the flu. Glad I tried again a week later.


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The reintro schedule recommends reintroducing only one food group on a particular day (at all 3 meals in that 1 day), keeping all else Whole30 compliant.  If you were to have a reaction tomorrow, you won't know whether gluten or alcohol is the cause.  

Especially where this is a retest of gluten for you, I'd keep everything else Whole30 compliant today so you can be 100% sure of whatever reactions you have or don't have.

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The categories in the reintro are suggested categories.  You only need to reintro what you're curious about or that you want to eat again.


If you want to have alcohol again, then it would be prudent to do a controlled reintroduction before you put it routinely into your lifestyle again.


Some people split the categories, so they can further pinpoint specific food reactions. For example, some have a raw dairy day and a pasturized dairy day.  Some people have a soy day and then other legumes day. Some people have an oats day and the remaining non-gluten grains day.

It's your experiment - test what you feel best meets your needs.  Whichever you reintro, follow the protocol of one day per food group at all 3 meals, keeping all else Whole30 compliant. (The one exception to all 3 meals would be alcohol: one or two drinks would suffice.) Then return to 100% Whole30 eating for 2 days, then proceed to the next food group. On a reintro day and in between days, notice any physical or psychological reactions to what you ate.

Once you reintro a particular food group, you don't have it again until all your reintros are complete.

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