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Whole 30 Triumph and Daycare

Meridith Wolnick

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Hi all,

I wanted to share a bit of delight with you and a bit of a lament. Before Whole 30, we typically fed our 2 yr old a combination of whatever we were eating and supplemented it (frequently) with gerber ravioli. I have always felt bad about this, my stay-at-home mom cooked all of our meals and I blamed work (though really it was my low energy levels) for not being able to get my act together to properly feed my own kid.

We are 19 days into the Whole 30 and have been gradually just giving the toddler everything that we eat and supplementing with fruit and cheese (yes, I know) when she refuses something. Although she's not strictly Whole 30 because of milk and cheese, something wonderful has happened. She refused the ravioli. Not once but on two different occasions, she put it into her mouth, made a terrible face and pushed her plate away. I'm sure we've had some impact on her taste buds and I'm so grateful.

On the lamenting side, we don't have much control over what she eats durring the day. The children are not allowed to bring anything from home because of possible allergies. Because of this though, they do eat a lot of whole foods, almond butter, etc. So that's good but there is still an extraordinary amount of grain.

I debate - should I let this go, knowing she's getting two excellent meals at home and that in three years I'll be able to provide her with lunch or is there a way to remove crackers, rolls and tortillas from her line-up. I'm not sure. But in the meantime! A toddler who shuns processed food! Yay Whole 30!

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Meredith -

That is a success worth celebrating! Babies are smarter than we give them credit for ;0) Congratulations to you on changing your family tree one little branch at a time.

As far as daycare goes - have you tried requesting that she be gluten (and dairy, if you choose) free? Put it down to "sensitivities" (that's what I do). They should at least let you pack alternative snacks for her, or respect that she not have the crackers and other crap the kids get.

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