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Kerry's Whole 30 - aiming for life long change!


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Tomorrow I will begin my third Whole 30 - and this time I am aiming for long-term - life long change.

In my past two attempts I have successfully completed the 30 day period, but then have fallen hard and returned to past bad habits.


This time I really want to make a permanent change - I am 55 years old, and feeling the effects of arthritis, and need to take better care of myself!


Will weigh and measure myself for the last time tomorrow morning - then hide the scale and tape measure for the duration. 


I have spent the day today preparing for the first week - hard boiled eggs, chili, braised chicken breasts, grilled steak and chicken, and lots of roasted root veg.  I know that preparation is half the battle!


My kitchen smell wonderful - now off to yoga!



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Day one is winding down, and I am so glad I did the prep work yesterday.  It made this first day so much easier to navigate.


 I weighed and measured myself for the last time this morning - then tucked the scale away.  Out of sight out of mind, I hope!


Breakfast - three hard boiled eggs 

                - small sweet potato

                - flaked coconut

                - fresh berries

Lunch      - spinach

                - kale

                - balsamic braised chicken breast

                - roasted beet slices

                - roasted mushrooms

                - olive oil vinaigrette

Supper    - spinach

                -shredded brussel sprouts

                - shredded green and purple cabbage

                - cherry tomatoes

                - berries

                - 1/2 chicken breast

                - olive oil vinaigrette

                - 1/2 avocado


Exercise - 1 hour yoga

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So - today is day five and still on track - although clearly I am not great at keeping a record of this adventure as I haven't posted since day one!


I have been spot on with my food intake for the past five days - pleased with that.  I have managed to cut way back on nuts and nut butter - which was one of my goals this time out.  And I have been getting in daily exercise - another goal.  Looking forward to trying some new recipes this weekend.


As far as side effects go - day 4 and 5 were tough.  Cranky, Cranky, Cranky!  I am ready to bite someone's head off one minute - then almost in tears the next.  A delightful way to spend  my workday!  Hopefully by the time I return to work on Monday those feeling will have subsided.


Have managed NOT to pull the scale out from under the dresser where I hid it - that is a huge win for me.

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Day seven already! I really noticed a change in the way my clothes fit this morning - what a reassuring

feeling. I really am a little lost without my scale.

Today is prep day for me - did my grocery shopping and then spent the day in the kitchen cooking and

prepping for the week ahead. My house smells heavenly, and it will make my week so much easier.

The Balsamic Braised Chicken I made last week was such a hit with my kids that I made a double batch this

week. Also stir fried some chicken to have ready to add to my lunch salads. Mixed up some pork sausage - myfirst attempt at seasoning my own - and it tasted great. Can`t wait for breakfast.

I also prepped all my veg and roasted beets, and sweet potatoes.

The only failure I`ve had has been making my own mayonnaise. I`ve been successful before, but this week it was failure after failure. Not sure where I`m going wrong, but when it finally works it will be the most

expensive jar of mayonnaise ever (as I am now on my second full bottle of oil!)

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