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Whole30 on the High Seas


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Hi all!

I completed my first whole30 in February, and have been attempting to maintain compliance as much as possible ever since.. Firstly I need to fill you in on my unique stiuation! Sorry if this is a bit long winded..

I'm currently on operational deployment with the Australian Navy (same area that Denny is in) which has made my whole30 a little bit difficult. I started the day we deployed from Oz, with long stints of 3 to 4 weeks at sea at a time.. During the 30 days I was only faced with one port visit - success! I stayed at a hotel and the buffets were amazing, was very easy to remain compliant, though chances are I succumbed to a little bit too much fresh fruit.

Aside from not being able to prepare ANY of my own meals, my biggest issue is the crazy hours I work.. Unfortunately I shift work, at the moment I hold a watch from 12pm to 5pm, then 12am to 7am.. Meals are provided at lunch time, but not throughout the night.. They do put a small meal on at midnight though its usually all deep fried like sausage rolls or pies, or porridge/cereal.. Therefore all I have to get me through the night is snack food.. Lunch time is the only full meal I get..

Additionally, my job leaves me pretty sedentary.. im generally stuck at my desk and get minimal movement for the times I am on watch, and then I just go to bed.. I work out twice a day, getting up early before I go on watch (one session crossfit, one session cardio/core) but that is really the only movement I get..

I'm eating all the right foods when I do snack through the night (aside from a fruit and nut addiction i just cant seem to shake) but my calorie consumption is all out of wack as well as my sleeping.. I just cant figure out a way to time my meals right and how many calories to eat.. I know you say not to count calories, but when Im not moving around at all im concerned my body will go into hibination mode and just store what I do eat..

Due to lack of availability my meals are basically the same every day so I can safely say my day of eating is like this:

Midnight till 7am - post workout, boiled egg and a piece of fruit

3-4am - organic food snack bar (dates, sultanas, coconut, raw cacao flavour or almond and fig flavour)

630am - tin of tuna/salmon

also as mentioned the fruit and nut addiction, so I would graze on that as well - the temptation being too much when i go near my locker.. Its not just one handful either.. more like 2 or 3...

12pm to 5pm - lunch

Salad, whatever veggies they have usually cauliflower, broccoli, carrot.. occasionally sweet potato.. i have to be concious though to check its not roasted in butter.. EVOO and balsamic on the salad

a small portion of protein either roast meat, cold sliced turkey etc

3-4pm organic dried fruit snack i have, several different flavours (all definately within the rules)

and whatever temptation i've had again from the fruit and nut mix

In saying all of the above, i should point out the positives as a result of whole30 - when Im awake i am AWAKE! i feel fantastic.. regardless of what sleep i get, i wake up full of energy. I have the motivation to work out twice a day.. I have no desire whatsoever to eat bread, as amazing as it is over here.. my skin is clear, only bloating is when i eat too much fruit and nut mix but I know how to manage that.. I recover from every workout within less than 12 hours, ready for the next one! i get so many comments on how fit and healthy and lean i am looking - makes my day every time.

I definately see the results in the mirror but have stopped seeing them on the scales.. i'd love just another 2-3 kilos!

I'd love to hear if anyone has any ideas on how i should manage my calories/times i should be eating and how to combine types of snacks i.e fruit with eggs or nuts etc..

I will also point out that in about 2 weeks my watch times will shift.. I'll be working frm 7am to 12pm, then 5pm to 12 midnight.. I will get breakfast and dinner.. so any ideas for getting through the 7 hours at night with just dinner would be great!!

Thanks everyone for having a read!


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Nuts are a slippery slope for me too. I'm eager to see what the experts have to say about your food intake. I'll be taking notes.

I hate hazelnuts and I'm not to fond of macadamia nuts either. So those are the nuts I keep in the house because I know I won't dare have more than a handful (if any at all). I only eat fruit & nuts together as a special treat because I will reach for them before anything else. I'm on day 12 and I still haven't had any nuts yet.

Like I said, I'm taking notes...

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Thanks Tija for the idea about getting the nuts you dont enjoy - thats a great idea on cutting down!

I'm eager for some ideas too, hopefully someone can help me! In a massive head-funk about counting calories and what i should be eating when...

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Sezza - Good news for you! No calorie counting required on a Whole30. Start each meal or snack with a good protein source add LOTS of veggies, a healthy fat (coconut, avocado, olive oil) and enjoy! A few nuts and a bit of fruit here and there and you're good to go!

This is definitely the part of the Whole30 and Whole9 eating that helped me most in healing my relationship with food!

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