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Lori's Post W30 round 2


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Day 1 (Monday 3/24) of post-Whole 30.  Slept okay last night, but still fighting off the last of the stomach bug.  I really want to run again, but it is a bit hazardous out there.  Still bitter cold (overnight was below zero), sidewalks are covered with ice and snowbanks are still 3-4 feet high.  When the sun comes out and begins melting the snow, it pools on top of the existing ice, or creates puddles on the sidewalk that then freezes to black ice overnight.  Walking on the sidewalks is downright dangerous.  And walking on the side of the road is not much safe - the drivers are not considerate for the most part.  Even if no one is coming in the opposite direction, it's rare when an oncoming car will either slow down or move over to give space to a pedestrian.  And my p/t said running on the treadmill is not a good idea for me.  I might just break down tonight for a shorty run.  It's been a few weeks I think, and the marathon is coming up in 10 weeks.  Granted I'm only doing a leg of the relay, but I'm pretty sure it's a 6-mile leg.  Besides I miss running!


Bfast:  1 cup of chopped veggies (broccoli, asparagus, onion, red pepper, jalapeno), 1/2 cup chopped sweet potato sauteed and topped with 2 over-easy eggs, 1 small cranberry sausage patty, 2 cups of decaf with coconut oil.

Lunch:  Gingered carrot and parsnip soup, Pastelon (no cheese), salad of pea shoots, microgreens, avocado, celery, cuke, tomato with cider vinegar/olive oil for dressing, 2" wedge of fresh coconut, 1 grapefruit

Dinner:  12 buffalo chicken meatballs, roast sugar snap peas, roasted turnip, carrots and parnips, steamed broccoli, wedge of fresh coconut


Made my own coconut manna this evening, and licked a couple small spoonfuls off the utensils and bowl.  So so yummy.

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Day 2 (Tuesday)


Had the baby today - but Michael dropped her off around 10, so I could get some things done this morning.  Too cold and icy to rum this morning, so I just walked the dog.  When Alessandra got here we looked at some books, and played with the stuffed animals.  Had lunch, then went to Che's.  Che stopped at WalMart (ugh) to get a couple shirts for herself, me and Danielle for Matt's surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday - Duck Dynasty camo theme.  I've never seen the show, but my dear son loves it.  And $5 for a t-shirt works for me.  Then I brought Alessandra to the gym to meet Michael.  Came home and took the dog for a run!  First run in 2-1/2 weeks!  Yay!  Very slow (11:11 pace) but we did 3.5 miles and it was fine.  There is still some terribly slippery ice on the rec path, so I had to hop off the path and into the snow.  There are 8.5 weeks until the marathon; I'll probably be running a 6-mile leg.  That's plenty of time.  I had a decent base until I got sick.  Holy canoli - I just checked the weather for the next 5 days - tonight in the teens, tomorrow in the 20's with snow, tomorrow night in the single digits, Thursday 37, Friday 44 and rain.  This weather sucks.  C'mon Spring!! 


bfast- "usual"  [cranberry sausage patty, 1/2 cup diced sweet potato fried in coconut oil with 1 cup of veggies - broccoli, asparagus, red pepper, onion, jalapeno, and topped with 2 over-easy eggs], 2 cups of decaf with coconut oil

lunch- 2 slices loaded paleo meatloaf (W30 ingredients)

post-run- coconut water

dinner- pastelon (w30 compliant), roasted sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts (*update:  i had one serving of moosetracks ice cream with dinner.  one serving was 70 grams, and i had one extra spoonful cleaning the ice cream off the inside of the lid.  that was pretty amazing for me to stop at one serving.  i even broke up the ice cream into single serving sizes and re-froze.  i like having a plan for these things.  i wouldn't want to open up two separate containers to feed my sugar dragon - but one container every now and then is a-ok with me)

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Day 3 (Wednesday)

Got up and ran this morning!  It was cold (20 on thermometer, about 5 with wind).  We did 2.75 miles, and my IT bands started to hurt.  Of course they did - back-to-back running after 19 days off.  That's okay - I'm not doing anything tomorrow - it's going to be in the minus temps overnight tonight.  Stomach still feels a little bloated and off.  Hopefully it will calm down soon. 


bfast:  the usual

lunch: gingered carrot and parsnip soup, buffalo chicken meatballs, coconut almond green beans, pea shoots and microgreens salad with olive oil, cider vinegar and lemon juice dressing

dinner: pork carnitas, brussels sprouts, coconut almond green beans, small sweet potato


Okay - I've got to start preparing food according to the Anti Inflammatory Protocol.  Tonight I moved all my nightshade spices out of my cabinet, including canned tomatoes, canned chipotles, pickled jalapenos, etc.  I'm going to change my usual breakfast for tomorrow to sausage, pan sauteed sweet potatoes, avocado and maybe an apple.  Have to think about lunch, but initially thinking Bubbies sauerkraut, gingered carrot/parsnip soup, *sweet potato shepherds pie (has tomato), and using up the rest of my fresh red and green pepper along with avocado and european cuke in a salad.  Calves liver and onions for dinner with undetermined veggies...


Not running tomorrow - after 19 days off, running 2 days in a row brought on IT pain, so I'm okay with waiting til Thursday or Friday.  And I'm curious to see how that ice cream binge will affect me tomorrow.  I'm mentally preparing myself for the AI protocol for the next 30 days.  Maybe I'll have a glass of wine tomorrow before I'm officially in AI mode.


Seeing my doctor at 1 tomorrow, and will ask for the c-reactive protein test and also the test for leaky gut. 

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Day 4 post (Thursday)

I'll try this again (last post disappeared before I hit "post").  I'm trying to upload my bfast pic but I can't find the upload button :(


Today I started my transition to the AutoImmune Protocol.  Breakfast was compliant, lunch not really, and dinner will be compliant.  Observations so far:  no bloating or stomach discomfort after breakfast.  After lunch, I feel "stuffed" and bloated.  I'm going to see my doctor in a half hour, and hopefully she'll be willing to order the tests I want.


bfast:  2 pork/cranberry sausages stir fried with ~1 cup broccoli, 1/2 sweet potato diced and pan fried in coconut oil, 1/2 avocado.  2 cups of Morning Thunder tea, plain


lunch:  sweet potato shepherds pie (tomato in beef layer), gingered carrot and parsnip soup, bubbies sauerkraut, "salad" of chopped red and green peppers, euro cuke and 1/2 avocado, 2" wedge of fresh coconut, can of seltzer.

dinner:  will be calves liver sauteed with onions, sauteed kale and garlic, yucca with garlic sauce


I picked up my Spring CSA share this afternoon-beets, red onions, carrots, cabbage, cider shiitake, parsley


Dr wants me to get stomach xray and follow-up next week.  She gave me handout on non-pharmacologic treatment of GERD (gastroesophageal reflex disease) - I don't think that's what i have, but the alternative suggestions are something I'll try.  It includes licorice or DGL, slippery elm, marshmallow (herb), chamomile; also some OTC meds like pepto bismol.  Avoid alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, cow's milk, animal fat and orange juice.  I avoid most of these because of the W30, and now the AIP.  She wants to think about the tests I requested, and I think she's on board, although she did say what would be the point of the CRP (if I wouldn't then take NSAIDs).  I'd like to have a baseline CRP score so I can track the reduction of inflammation by diet or lifestyle changes.  And she agrees that the Leaky Gut test would be a good idea.  Maybe a referral to a gastro-specialist.  Great. 

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Day 5 post (Friday)

Tried to get abdomen xray yesterday, but they had nearly a 1-hour wait!  Forget that!  So I went in this morning on my way to work.  The radiologist did a "wet read" and basically gave me an overall answer - everything looks normal.  What a huge relief.  I'm seeing my doctor next Thursday to see where we go next.  I really, really, really, really do not want to take any medication.  Maybe it is just the after-effects of a miserable stomach bug.  I sent her an email letting her know that I do want the CRP blood test to monitor inflammation (what if it comes back normal as opposed to elevated?).  And as ridiculous as it sounds, I want to go back on the diclofenac.  My back pain is at a 6 this morning.  It was a zero when I was taking diclofenac.


bfast:  2 cranberry-pork sausage patties sauteed with 1 cup of broccoli florets, 1/2 sweet potato diced and pan fried in coconut oil, 1/4 wedge of avocado, 2 cups of Morning Thunder tea


I ate breakfast at 8, and it's only 10:45 and I'm ravenous.  Oh boy.


lunch:  1 can of tuna in olive oil, bubbie's sauerkraut, gingered carrot parsnip soup, 8 stalks roasted asparagus, 2" wedge of fresh coconut

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Day 6 post (Saturday) Ahh, I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to post yesterday.  I was up til 11:30 on Friday night getting things ready for the surprise 30th birthday party for my oldest son Matt.  Then Saturday morning I went for a 3.75 mile run, got home, and right back at it!  I made 2 cakes, one really wasn't a cake, but had to be the grossest thing I've ever made.  It's what Matt wanted for his "cake."  Loaded with Oreo cookies, Cool Whip (gag), cream cheese, peanut butter, confectioners sugar, and Reese's.  I almost felt nauseous making it.  And the other was a camouflage cake and camouflage frosting to compliment the Duck Dynasty theme.  I didn't give myself enough time to plan for my own food.  Everyone arrived right at noon, and Matt arrived right about 12:30, and was completely surprised.  It left him momentarily speechless!  I was so happy that we pulled it off!  Here's what I had:

bfast:  1/2 avocado, 2 pork/cranberry sausages, 1 cup chopped broccoli florets, 4 stalks of chopped asparagus, 2 tbs chopped onion sauteed with turmeric, pepper and salt, and 1/2 diced sweet potato sauteed in coconut oil.  This was perfect.  I was full without being overly full.  And I was satisfied.  Followed that with 2 cups of Morning Thunder tea.

lunch:  (ugh)  1/2 cup orzo salad (with feta), 2 slices of my paleo meatloaf (with tomatoes), a few potato chips, and too many brownie bites (probaby 5).  Then I gave in and tried a 1" square piece of the camouflage cake, and one spoonful of the gross "cake."  Wayyy too much sugar (and HFCS, and transfats, and all the other non-food, chemical crap that's put in those ingredients).  2 glasses of red wine.

dinner:  was making up a batch of golden cauliflower soup and chicken apple curry, but wasn't hungry at all.  Probably all the crap was having a hard time getting through my digestive tract.  And I was just starting to feel better after my week with the stomach bug.  I sent Matt home with all the leftovers and all the extra ingredients from his cake, but I neglected to give him the bag of mini Reese's peanut butter cups - I got on the phone with my mother, and absent-mindedly ate half the bag.  Then I felt awful.  Nauseous.  Almost like having too much to drink.  I didn't have a good night's sleep.  Really learned something from that. 


Day 7 post (Sunday)

It's sort of snowing and sort of raining outside.  No running today, the streets are covered with over an inch of sleet/slush.  It's just plain nasty out.  I'm glad Amy and I agreed that we weren't really that interested in skiing today.  I don't imagine the conditions are that great on the mountain.  It's 35 degrees at my house and 34 on the mountain, raining in both places. 


Woke up feeling less than 100% thanks to the nasty stuff I ate yesterday.  I'm going to go back on the AIP.  I need to get to the coop today, since I'm almost out of turmeric and other spices.  I need to return some things to Goodwill and Kmart, and pick up some groceries from Shaws during their 3-day sale. 

bfast:  2 pork/cranberry sausages, 1 cup broccoli, 4 stalks asparagus and 2Tbs onion sauteed with turmeric, 1/2 sweet potato diced and sauteed in coconut oil, and 1/2 avocado

pre-lunch: 10 oz of ginger kombucha (i never had this before, but thought it would be good to help my stomach.  Now I need to make it myself :) )

lunch:  1/2 cup sauerkraut, golden cauliflower soup, ground beef curry

mid-afternoon:  10 oz ginger kombucha

dinner: 1/2 cup sauerkraut, bowl of ginger carrot parsnip soup, 4 slices roasted kabocha, cabbage and shiitake, 10 oz filet of sole with ginger/lime "butter" (coconut oil), 2" wedge of fresh coconut

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Day 8 post (Monday)
It's just plain nasty outside!  It was 26 on the thermometer, but 16 with the wind.  It rained and sleeted last night, so the sides of the road and sidewalks are covered with a slippery black ice  mess.  Very hard to walk without slipping.  And so windy and cold.  :angry:  I'm sick of this!!  I want it to be just a tad warmer - like in the 30's, maybe even 40's.  It's almost April for goodness' sake!


After I learned that seed-based spices are not permitted on the AIP, I grieved, and then looked up some other recipes.  I froze my homemade cranberry pork sausage because it has fennel seed in it.  I made a fresh batch of pork sausage with just sage, a little chopped onion, and grated apple.  I made a Tamarind Chicken Curry - omg, I have found a new favorite flavor.  Tamarind.  It is divinely sour and delicious.  I might be experimenting with a lot of new recipes using this paste.


bfast:  I started out with 1 cup of broccoli, 4 stalks of asparagus, 2 Tbs chopped onion and turmeric, but I went a little too heavy on the turmeric, and ended up adding the two sausage patties to the pan and sauteing together with 2 Tbs of coconut milk.  Also had 1/2 cup of diced sauteed sweet potatoes and 1/2 avocado.


ok.  i totally blew it today.  bah.



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Day 9 post (Tuesday)

I'm hoping for a better day today.  I'm planning for a better today.  My head is back in the game.  I ran 2.85 miles this morning.  Only 20 degrees, but the sun was nice and bright! 

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Day 10 post (Wednesday)


Wanted to run this morning, but I don't want to push my body to my former "driven" state.  Especially since I'm still not 100% recovered from the stomach bug.  And I had lost most of my base.  Today is in the 50's and sunny!  It feels like ages since we had a day like this.  I'm meeting Amy for supper tonight, so I won't be running after work either.  Maybe tomorrow morning. 


I ended up not sticking with the protocol yesterday.  I did okay, but I ate yogurt.  That might have been the only thing.  Oh, I also had left over sweet-potato shepherd's pie that had tomato and red peppers in it for dinner.  I slept a lot better last night compared to Monday night.  That was horrible.  Of course my food on Monday was horrible.  So far today things have been fine.  I had an appointment at noon and hoped to eat my lunch beforehand, but I ran out of time, so I didn't eat until almost 1:30.  I am also trying to include kombucha in my daily beverages, and would like to begin making it myself.  It's hard to justify $3 a bottle!  My house is never as warm as recommended in the home-brewing recipes, but maybe I could put the jars in my crockpot on "warm."  I used to do that when I made yogurt.  I'll have to put a thermometer in it to see what the temp is.


b'fast:  1 large sausage patty, 1-1/2 cups of chopped veggies, stir-fried in coconut oil with turmeric, 1/2 diced sweet potato, 1/4 avocado.

pre-lunch:  kombucha

lunch: 1 cup gingered carrot parsnip soup, 1/4 avocado, 1 cup cabbage and shiitakes, 10 oz tamarind chicken curry, 6 small wedges of roasted kabocha squash.


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Thanks Mary - I put some water in the crockpot and set it on warm - I also put a thermometer in it overnight.  You're right - it's way too warm.  It was over 100 degrees.  My house is typically around 60 during the day when I'm at work - I wasn't sure it would be active enough at that temp.  I brewed tea last night and added some sugar, but haven't added the SCOBY yet.  I didn't want to kill it by adding to the tea when it was hot, thought a cooler and stable temp would be better.  Is there a site you would recommend for how to DIY?


Got up and ran 2.85 miles this morning.  My pace is getting better, but I'd rather focus on the distance.  Maybe tomorrow I'll aim for over 3 in the morning.  Saturday is supposed to rain, so that's a good enough reason not to run 3 days in a row.  Sunday I'm aiming for a 4 miler.  And if there's still snow on the mountain, Amy and I will go skiing for a half day.  Seeing my doctor again today for a check-in.  My stomach is still not right.  I haven't exactly been treating it very well though.  I'm trying to take each meal at a time instead of looking too far in the future.  And I prepare a healthy, compliant lunch to bring to work, so that helps too.


b'fast:  1 sausage patty with 1 cup of veggies stir-fried in coconut oil with turmeric and a little cinnamon, 1/2 diced sweet potato and 1/4 avocado. 

pre-lunch:  12 oz plain kombucha

lunch: carrot parsnip soup, 4 slices roasted kabocha, chicken apple curry, spicy cauliflower, 1/4 avocado

late afternoon snack:  pork rinds, 2" wedge of fresh coconut, 1 banana

dinner:  tamarind chicken curry, roasted carrots, parsnips and turnips, 3" wedge of fresh coconut


I can't stand this distended bloated stomach.  My doctor gave me a "poopy kit," where I need to submit 3 day's of poo samples.  She also ran a whole bunch of blood tests, but couldn't run the fasting blood test since I'd already eaten 2 meals.  She's referring me to a rheumatologist (my mom was diagnosed with her 3rd autoimmune disorder).  She said "you're too young to have all this stuff going on.  And you are doing everything right!"  She also wants me to get a transvaginal ultrasound to look at my ovaries.  I'm glad she's checking everything since tonight marks 3 weeks since this whole thing started. 

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Day 12 post (Friday)

I have to remind myself that I'm post-W30, and therefore the strictness level of my food choices doesn't need to be what it was.  However since I'm trying really hard to be compliant with AIP, I am still very vigilant about my choices.  I think I am going to indulge in an AIP-compliant coconut-banana breakfast pancake treat tomorrow though.  Giving up all the nightshades and nightshade spices has been very depressing to me.  I am hopeful that I will see some improvement in my symptoms, but I must stick with it for a minimum of 30 days.  That means being compliant for 3 meals a day for 30 days.  It seems impossible.  I know it's not, but I'm just not prepared with recipes and variety like I was for W30.  I've been okay giving up decaf coffee, even though I'd like to have it, it has been much easier than I thought. 


This morning I was not up for running - I'm planning on an evening run instead.  The temps will be in the 40's instead of the low 20's.  Hopefully I won't feel as sluggish this afternoon as I did this morning.  My stomach is still a mess.  I felt awful this morning, and even worse after breakfast.  I wonder if it's something I'm continuing to eat that's causing the problems.  My blood test results came back, and nothing is terribly out of whack - although my Lypase is a little over the top mark.  My doctor doesn't work on Fridays, so I won't get an explanation of these things until next week.  And I still need to get a fasting blood test, but I want to ask her about repeating a couple of the tests in a fasting state to see if there's a difference.  Maybe too much internet research isn't good for me, but I'm going to ask her anyway.  My sed-rate looks fine, my CRP is <.7, less than the top of the range <1.0 mark.  Nothing else looks weird.  I'm trying to get myself prepared for the 3-day poopy test.  She didn't say anything about discontinuing NSAIDs or other supplements/herbs that I use daily, so I'm guessing it's okay to just start anytime. 


bfast:  1/2 sweet potato sauteed in coconut oil, 1 cup broccoli, 4 stalks asparagus, 2 Tbs onion and 2 Tbs shiitake mushrooms sauteed with 1 sausage patty and turmeric, black pepper and a little salt, 1/4 avocado

lunch: 1 can sardines in olive oil, gingered carrot and parsnip soup, swiss chard with raisins and porkitos, 1/4 avocado, 1 white grapefruit, 2" wedge of fresh coconut

after lunch beverage:  plain kombucha

dinner: turkey & cranberry meatballs, roasted kabocha, orange-glazed brussels sprouts.  4 chagalates.


Almost made it without breaking down, but I didn't have the willpower to resist the chagalates tonight.  Everytime I think I've cleared the "junk" out of my cupboards and fridge, something else pops out at me and I struggle to throw it away, give it away or throw it away.  I'm having a hard time getting in the groove with the AIP.  I need to do a cook-up with lots of new food and then I think I'll have more success.  I would have thought that this chronic stomach issue would be enough for me to commit, but it's not.  I know I have to do it for a while before I begin to see results too, so I'm getting tired of this process of doing really well for most of the day, and then blowing it.  I wonder how many other folks have had a hard time with this one. 

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Boo Whole9 forum is down!

Posted on April 5, 2014 by lori

I have no place to enter my morning stats!  Boo!  C'mon Whole9 I thought you got the server thing worked out.

This morning I slept a little late (7:30), and went for a nearly 5 mile run with Layla.  My pace started slow (10:58) and by the last mile I was at 8:34!  It was a little rough going, as it's the longest distance since January 14th, when I did 4.7 on the treadmill.  The weather has been miserable, the sidewalks impassable, the drivers inconsiderate, the temperatures in the below-zero range, or raining/sleeting.  Finally I feel like I can get on track for my leg of VCM. My stomach feels like it might finally be coming to the end of the bug.  It just felt different overnight and this morning.  Still bloated, but not as “stuck.â€

bfast:  breakfast sausage patty, coconut pancakes!  (1 mashed banana, 2 Tbs shredded coconut, 1 Tbs coconut flour, pan fried in 1/2 Tbs coconut oil).  Very sweet and a nice treat.

lunch:  2 applegate beef hot dogs, 1/4 cup sauerkraut, cabbage and shiitakes, golden cauliflower soup, pea shoots & microgreen salad with cuke, celery and avocado.

   just went to get a haircut, and i'm starving!  i only ate about 90 minutes ago.  i'll never make it til dinner!  time for a cup of tea - maybe that will help.  and probably time to get going on my cook-up

dinner: 1/4 cup sauerkraut, 7 oz mahi mahi with thai tamarind glaze, 8 spears roasted asparagus, gingered carrot parsnip soup


I guess Amy and I are going to head up to Bolton tomorrow for the last day of skiing for the 2013-2014 season.  Should be spring conditions.  I have a lot to do tomorrow, so we're planning on just a few hours.  Gosh I hope so!  My week ahead looks so busy that I get tired just thinking about it.  <sigh> :rolleyes:


And I broke down and bought flea treatments for the dog and cat.  The cat brought fleas in last summer, and we had a horrible infestation.  Thank god I don't have carpets - I can't imagine how bad it would have been.  But we are coming to the end of winter, and a bitter cold, icy winter it was - and both Layla and Gabi still have fleas.  I've tried going the natural route (combing, using diatomaceous earth, vacuuming, mopping, keeping their bedding clean), but the pesky insects are still around.  I just can't go through another summer with them.  So as much as I hate the idea of putting poison on my pets, I hate the idea of a flea infestation even worse.  I'm looking into beneficial nematodes for my yard and garden, and I'm going to try and limit the amount of poison (Advantix) I need to use.  I wish there was another way :unsure:

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Day 14 post (Sunday)

We did go skiing!  Even though I would have said no, Amy's daughter reallyyyyy wanted to go.  I'm glad I went.  The conditions were awesome.  Not too warm, not too much corn snow, not too crowded, didn't stay too long.  Stopped for groceries on my way home, then washed the car, then took the dog for a 3.1 mile run. 


bfast:  my usual (2 small cranberry sausage patties, but these had fennel seeds in it <_< , 1 cup chopped broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprout leaves, onion stir fried, 1/2 diced sweet potato stir fried in coconut oil, and 1/4 avocado)

lunch - LATE!  didn't get home until almost 2:  8 oz mahi mahi with thai tamarind glaze, salad w/balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and 1 plantain pan fried in coconut oil

dinner: thai tamarind chicken, 3 slices roasted kabocha, orange glazed brussels sprouts


my stomach didn't feel as good today as yesterday, but I didn't have any kombucha left, and i didn't eat any sauerkraut and i had the sausages with fennel.  other than that, i was basically AIP compliant.  maybe the seeds made me really gassy, or maybe it was lack of the probiotics.  i'll have to go back to my new "routine" tomorrow and check it out.


I should sleep well tonight - if I can get myself to bed around 9:30.  I really need the sleep!

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Day 15 post (Monday 4/7)

I got an email from my doctor yesterday saying all my bloodwork was normal except Lypase (pancreas), and she wants to follow-up on that.  I didn't get the fasting blood test done, because I had 2 meals prior to my visit on the 3rd, so maybe I'll ask her about that when she calls.  I ended up cooking a couple things last night, and then went to bed at 9:35, but it took a while before I fell asleep.  I didn't run this morning, choosing instead to run when I get home from work - it's supposed to be almost 60 today!  Hopefully it won't be too sunny / warm after work, but Layla sure does crash early when we do an afternoon/evening run.


bfast:  My bfast skillet mix, 1/2 diced sweet potato, 1/4 avocado

lunch: 1/4 c sauerkraut, 8 turkey-cranberry meatballs, gingered carrot parsnip soup, salad, cabbage & beet coleslaw, 2" wedge of fresh coconut

dinner: thai tamarind chicken, cabbage and shiitakes, 4 slices roasted kabocha, swiss chard with raisins and porkitos


My doctor called with appt for stomach CT scan next Monday, and referral to rheumatologist in June.  I took Layla for a 2.6 mile run when I got home.  Man, that was a struggle just to get through it.  I felt tired and sluggish the whole time.  Noticed that 4 hours after dinner my stomach got that gurgly sound - no pain, just lots of gurgling.  I also did day 1 of poopy testing.  Had a conversation with my mom tonight about the AIP protocol (since she has at least 2 autoimmune disorders and possibly a 3rd).  I told her how tough it's been for me to be 100% compliant, but I know that I'm not ever going to find out about my food sensitivities if I never let my gut heal.  She said she really needs to give it a try, since she's worried that all her foot pain is from psoriasis and not just that she was bow-legged for 75 years of her life before her double knee replacement where they "straightened" her legs.  I was referred to the rheumatologist that she sees for Giant Cell Arteritis.  Geez I really really hope I don't have an autoimmune disorder. 

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Day 16 post (Tuesday)  [weight was 122.2 this morning on my scale that tends to weigh 2lbs heavy, so that would mean 120.2.  that's not good.  at 125 i'm thin, don't want to be losing weight.  i don't FEEL like i've lost weight because of this unhappy stomach, although some clothes fit looser, some don't.]


So what I thought was my stomach finally starting to turn around was clearly not the case.  It has been unhappy for at least 24 hours.  Didn't run this morning because it was a little drizzly, but also I needed a day off, and Alessandra was getting dropped off.  I got Gabi scheduled for hyper-T testing at Layla's vet, which is extremely pricey, but it's the quality that's important to me.  She goes in on May 9th.  I could swear that I've left a half a sweet potato on the counter on at least two occasions, and it has disappeared.  I honestly cannot imagine that a cat would eat a raw sweet potato, but I also didn't think she'd eat an entire bowl full of shredded coconut, or a small bowl full of dark chocolate chips, so who knows. 


bfast:  my breakfast skillet mix, 1/2 sweet potato diced and pan-fried, 1/4 avocado

"pre-lunch" at my mom's:  very small salad

starving at 2 and finally home and able to eat my food: 7 oz mahi mahi with thai tamarind glaze, cabbage and shiitakes, shredded cabbage/apple/beet slaw, fresh coconut.  Also sipped 8 oz kombucha this afternoon

dinner:  AIP compliant "Carolina style BBQ pork" (crockpot) over baked cauliflower "rice", orange glazed brussels sprouts, fresh coconut

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Day 17 post (Wednesday)

I seem to have a headache this morning.  I got plenty of sleep last night (8.75 hrs).  I made a large batch of breakfast skillet mix for the rest of the week, so I don't have to do it every morning.  Also cooked up a bunch of diced sweet potato.  That is a huge time-saver in the mornings, my slowest time of day!  Didn't run this morning, figured after having so much time off combined with being sick and still having stomach issues it's better not to push it.  If I'm up for later today, then fine, otherwise I'll run tomorrow morning.  It was snow squalling this morning - bah. 


bfast:  skillet mix with sweet potatoes and 1/4 avocado

lunch:  [stupid sugar demon, and stupid lack of willpower - sugar indulgence at 12:15 - leftover cake in kitchen, i snuck off the frosting of 1 piece of cake]  1/4 cup sauerkraut, gingered carrot parsnip soup, pulled pork, salad, wedge of coconut.  [observation about the frosting incident:  when i indulge in this behavior, it's always sneaky, like i'm hiding it.  i do it quickly, because i don't want to get "caught."  i consume it quickly without really tasting it - more just gulping it down.  i feel like a closet sugar addict.  i'm sure no one in the department cares who eats it.  it was a large cake, bigger than a Costco cake.  there was only ONE piece left in the box.  the plates, forks and napkins were beside it.  what is wrong with me?  why do i do this?  this meaning eat things in a sneaky manner, and also meaning eat things so quickly i don't taste them.  i guess this is my relationship-with-food challenge of the week/month/year]

dinner: 8 oz pan-fried calves liver with onions, swiss chard with raisins and porkitos, cole slaw with beets, apples and fruit-juice sweetened dried cranberries, 3" wedge of fresh coconut


I started reading some more about pancreas issues (does sugar / fat cause problems) and the short answer is yes.  From what I could understand, the pancreas releases hormones (insulin) to stabilize blood sugar and (glucagon) to digest fat.  I never took biology, and even if I did, it would have been about 40 years ago, so I probably wouldn't remember all the mechanisms about digestion anyway.  I also looked at NSAID use and pancreatitis.  Maybe I shouldn't be doing all this "research," but that is what I do by profession, so it's my first reaction to any kind of information.  So there is a part of me that believes my unhealthy eating patterns have contributed to whatever is going on in my body.  A few times in my life I have adhered to Atkins or Eat Right For Your Bloodtype (type 0) and they both felt good to me.  Now that I've done two Whole 30's, I know that this is the right type of eating as it follows some of the same principles, but it is (IMO) more scientific.  Now the AIP might be the program I really need, but I am really having a hard time with it.  If my pancreas is compromised enough that I can't digest fat - where exactly does that leave me?  I love fat!  I hope my doctor ordered the Rapid Scan CT test (I think that's what it was called when I went for the stomach xray) so the radiologist would read it right away and let me know if anything was unusual. 

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Day 18 post (thursday)

Tried to run this morning, and got about 2 miles and my stomach felt awful, so we walked the rest of the way home.  I can't wait to get some answers on this stomach issue.  Today the test kit is going out (for the poopy testing).  As gross as it was to do three days of collections, I did get a chance to notice that my food is passing through barely digested.  That can't be a good thing.  Weight was 123.8 with clothes on.  It's going in the right direction -> up!


I'm going to help a grad student with consenting participants this afternoon.  I'll probably eat my lunch early, because i don't think I'll have a break between 12 and 4:30.  There's no way I could go that long without eating - 8 am til 4:30 pm.  Nope. Never happen.  I may end up eating in my car on the way to the high school though.  I planned accordingly last night - made AIP plantain tortillas and mixed up some tuna in olive oil with celery, carrots and cuke.  Also have some raw veggies to chew on, a small container of sauerkraut, gingered carrot parsnip soup and fresh coconut wedge.  I've got a half bottle of kombucha to sip on for the afternoon.


bfast:  my breakfast skillet with sweet potato and avocado

lunch: sauerkraut, gingered carrot parsnip soup, tuna w/veggies in plantain tortilla, fresh coconut wedge

dinner:  8 cranberry turkey meatballs, orange glazed brussels sprouts, beet/apple/cranberry cole slaw, fresh coconut wedges


my stomach has been horribly painful all day.  i'd like to say i can't wait to find out what's going on, but as this issue continues longer and longer, I'm starting to get more worried that it's not just a bug.  i sure hope it's nothing serious.

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Day 19 post (Friday)  2nd day of AIP after sugar breakdown


Still couldn't drag myself out of bed until nearly 7, and I went to bed at 9:40.  I have simply got to be better at getting to bed earlier.  I had a cup of SmoothMove tea last night trying to settle my stomach.  Well it did the trick, however it brought a bunch of diarrhea with it.  My stomach felt better than it had in 48 hours.  Went for 3 mile run, but it was a struggle.  It was really nice out - about 40 degrees, sunny, no wind, but still it felt like such an effort. 


Tonight I'm going to a performance of Les Mis with Matt at the Flynn.  I'll be at Winooski High School again this afternoon to consent new Americans to the Wellness Study, but only scheduled to be there til 3, so I will be going home early :D  Matt and Kyle are coming over on Sunday to help move my poster bed back into Kyle's old room, move the mattress and futon around, and bring up my waterbed frame from basement and help me set it up.  I'm hoping that I will be able to go back to my painless, comfortable sleeping habits from before ACL surgery.  It will be nice and cool in summer, and nice and warm in winter.  Just have to keep the cat out :rolleyes:


bfast: breakfast skillet, sweet potatoes, 1/4 avocado

lunch: (i'll be eating early again so i can get out the door to the school in time) sauerkraut, gingered carrot parsnip soup, pulled pork on cauliflower rice, swiss chard with raisins and porkitos, and a wedge of fresh coconut.

dinner: beer, AIP burger "comfort food" and tostones, salad, coconut wedges


Went to see Les Mis play at the Flynn with Matt - we got to our seats, and he said "the girl I'm dating is in this play."  Nice - way to prepare me Matt.  I shouldn't be surprised - he does this all the time.  I guess when you're 30 you don't have to tell your mother every little thing like when you start dating someone.  However he could have said something when he asked if I wanted to go the show.  Didn't get home until 11:30 - waaaaaaaay past my bedtime (10 at the latest).

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Day 20 (Saturday)

I knew it was going to be a little rough getting up this morning, since I was up so late last night.  7:15 was all I could handle without guilt (letting the chickens out, taking dog for walk, etc).  So that's about 7 hours of sleep.  Not good. 


I don't know about this AIP thing.  At this point I'm not sure it's the food I'm eating that's causing the problems.  I have my CT scan on Monday, and my CDSA test is at the lab, but they are behind and may not get results to my Dr until 2-3 weeks.  I'm going to try and eat "normal" and see if there are any noticeable differences.  Didn't run this morning, but instead went for a 2.5 mile walk.  Layla had her 4th (or 5th) dog social at 11 today, so I figured I'd run without her this afternoon.  It's supposed to get up to 60 today, and so far it's been sunny.  There's a bunch of yard work I would like to do, and maybe start some more seeds, clean out chicken coop (supposed to rain tomorrow).


bfast:  pork & cranberry b'fast sausage (had fennel in it), 3 AIP banana coconut pancakes

lunch:  leftover b'fast skillet mix, 5 turkey cranberry meatballs, chard w/raisins and porkitos, 2 tostones

dinner:  beer (man, i'm a cheap date - 1 beer and i'm about ready for bed!)  pulled pork on bed of cauliflower rice, steamed broccoli, plantain tortilla

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Day 22 post (Monday)

So I decided to go off-road for a couple days and see what happens.  Surprisingly I feel better than I have in a long time.  I've had some ice cream, and some bacon and eggs.  Have not tried any nightshades or nightshade spices.  Also haven't tried coffee.  Seem to do okay with some chocolate.  Yesterday I had a fantastic run - 5.5 miles at a really good pace.  Today my run sucked.  Wanted to do 3 miles before breakfast, but I slept like crap (all that moving and setting up of beds) (mind spinning with new business ideas and company names).  I didn't get any cooking done this weekend.  Boo.  But I did get some other stuff done and that was good.  After all the bed breakdown and set-ups, I ended up not having time to put the waterbed mattress in and fill it, so I hauled the futon back down the hallway and put it in the waterbed frame.  Went to the home show with Kyle.  Got chicken feed, cleaned out coop, got a bunch of new seeds planted.  I went for my stomach CT scan today - no one told me I needed to drink 900 mls of a contrast solution.  It wasn't too bad.  And when I got in the room, I was informed that they would be putting in an IV, and also an enema contrast.  Lovely.  I sure hope the report comes back before the end of the week.  It's going to be a couple of weeks before the CDSA testing will be processed.  I want to know what's going on in my stomach!


bfast:  3 eggs over easy with 1 slice bacon (no nitrates/nitrites, but a little sugar), 1/2 diced sweet potato, 1/2 cup steamed broccoli

lunch: salad with a can of tuna, 3 plantain tortillas, wedge of fresh coconut

after lunch: kombucha


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So my stomach CT came back as basically normal, except they noted "copious amounts of stool."  I hopped back on the internet superhighway to try and find some ideas for eliminating :rolleyes:  and decided I'd give the low-density "diet" a try.  I used to do something similar every spring when I would do a week-long liver cleanse.  So I stocked up on lots of fresh organic fruits and veggies and their respective juices to see if I could get things to calm down and move out.  Before this I'd tried a colace pill and Smooth Move tea but they both just gave me diarrhea.  So on to the food remedy.  After doing this for several days and feeling generally no different, I broke down and bought the most powerful probiotic my health food store had in stock.  400 million and 7 strains or something like that.  I also got some kefir, yogurt and kombucha.  Today is Day 2 with the probiotic, and even though nothing feels like it's changed, I have a lot more energy.  My stomach is still gurgling and noisy.  I still have gas.  And now I have a bit of an appetite.  My doctor is out of town until May 5th, so I'm doing all this on my own.  WTH!!??  This has been going on since April 13th.  I'm very tired of it.  I can't eat normal food.  I'm uncomfortable all the time.  My stomach can be heard from across the room.  The blood tests and CT scan came back relatively normal (lipase was slightly elevated, but CT said all organs look fine).  Just waiting on the 3 days of stool samples that were sent to a lab in N Carolina - who told me they might not get the results to my doctor for 3 weeks once it was received!  Guess someone else is backed up too hehe. 


This morning I tried a scrambled egg - just one plain scrambled egg with my probiotics and pineapple cubes.  I've been drinking Ginger tea.  And I am really hungry now.  Maybe I'll heat up my lunch.  Bone broth with fresh parsley, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, steamed asparagus.  And then I'll be uncomfortably full for a little while before I become ravenously hungry :angry:

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