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Bicep Tendonitis - Gone!


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I'm on day 22 of my first Whole 30. I've also had bicep tendonitis from volleyball since my sophomore year of college (6 years ago). While I played collegiately, I could get stem and ultrasound treatments to temporarily make it "better," but ever since then it's just been something I "deal with" when I play in my adult rec leagues.


Well, I'm absolutely thrilled to say I played in a tournament Saturday, played 4 games, and today realized that I don't remember feeling that regular shooting pain any time I took a swing. Same goes for the two games I played in yesterday.


I really believe that Whole30 is to thank for this. I've done everything to help reduce the pain, from the stem treatments to rehab exercises using a band, to lifting more and making it stronger. Those things helped, but not to the extent that my arm would be pain free. I've also noticed that I can sleep on said shoulder without pain.


This alone is enough to make me continue the Whole30 way of life as much as possible even after day 30. Absolutely amazing and so, so happy!


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