Yogurt Confusion


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We are redirecting the "old" list to the "new" list immediately.


In the new Whole30 book, we're making it a bit more clear that adding yogurt, tofu, or beans to the Whole30 program is not the Whole30. Having a shopping listed branded with Whole30 including those foods was creating a lot of confusion. So we've revised the new list to include only Whole30 compliant foods, allowing vegans to fill in their own protein sources based on the recommendations we make in ISWF and The Whole30.


We can say "these foods are generally better choices on a vegetarian or vegan plan," but until you actually do a strict Whole30, you'll never really know which plant-based protein sources are the least problematic for you! It's a catch-22; which is why we recommend pescetarians do a full Whole30 using only seafood and eggs for 30 days as an experiement to help them figure out which plant or dairy proteins are best for them to use going forward. Vegans don't have this option, as a vegan diet using only Whole30 foods is impossible (and unhealthy). So, we made some recommendations in our books, and you'll have to do the best you can.


Sorry for the confusion--we have some new resources going up and old ones coming down at the same time, so there's some mess on the site right now.



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