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So today is day 30.


I'm sitting at my desk in a bubble of smug, self righteous happiness. Made considerably worse because I'm being smug, self righteous and happy in trousers that are FAR too big for me and a work shirt that now buttons up - no more "camouflage" cardigans for me. If that wasn't enough for everyone to hate me, then the general glowy-ness of my skin and shiny lustrous hair should be enough to tip the average mortal over the edge.


At the beginning of this process I really didn't believe in it. It couldn't possibly work in the way that the programme rules and website said it would, and as for changing my life -  who the hell are you kidding?


Let's be clear, I hate being wrong. It makes my (fabulously clear and luminescent) skin crawl. I was so wrong. Painfully (in a no longer bloated, or tummy ache ridden way) wrong, but there's not really any way to hide just how wrong I was, and how right the Whole 30 has been for me.


The Whole 30 has worked for me in a way that nothing else ever has. I've tried just about every diet out there, as I'm sure so many people on the forum have. From Atkins to Weight Watchers and back again, it feels like I've tried every shake, meal replacement, tracker, point calculator going. It's agonising to think that all I ever really needed was to understand what the food I was eating was doing to me, and why it's impossible for me to only have one slice of bread or a handful of chips. On the very last day, I'm not counting down the hours till I can eat something "non-compliant", I'm far more excited about the thai curry and cauliflower rice that's packed up for lunch.


In fact I'm excited about a lot of things. Being in control. Not feeling ill when I eat. Getting back into my favourite bikini. Making meatballs and zoodles for tea... Today might be day thirty, but tomorrow is day one.




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Congratulations on finishing your Whole30...and on experiencing the results you were looking/hoping for! :D


And I love the writing by the way. Sarcasm +/- dry humour doesn't always translate well on the interwebs, but you nailed it. Made me laugh a bunch. Bravo!

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Congratulations!  Today is day 30 for me too.  I am not looking forward to non compliant foods either, although perhaps something my black coffee would help my feelings a lot...stevia? honey?  I am as to what the scale will say in the morning. It nice to feel like I am in control of my eating... the whole "eat to live, not live to eat" thing.  Anyway  well done!

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