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Tracking for first Whole30


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OK, waking up on day two.  Thought it a good idea to track here, since I'm much more likely to stay with it.


I travel quite a bit (though the next month is quiet except for a trip to Las Vegas), so that will be the real challenge for me.  For now, the home office is a big plus.


Yesterday was interesting, as I started paying much more attention to ingredients.  


Started with scrambled eggs, mushrooms and spinach.  I usually put down a few cups of coffee, but realized after making it that the coffee is slightly flavored, so passed it up.  


Lunch was tuna with steamed veg (leftover, but a great way to use them up).  


Dinner was chicken breasts marinated in balsamic and olive oil.  Started to add dried lemon zest, but saw they contained sulfites.  Rinsed them off, then started to add lemon juice (bottled), saw that also had several things I didn't want.  So, no lemon for me.


Also made sweet potato hash (a new favorite, for sure) and purple cauliflower.  


I snacked on homemade jerky (ground venison, coconut aminos, S&P, fresh garlic).  


Breakfast today was scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and green tea.  Headed back to the market for supplies soon.

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Making roast chicken and gravy tonight.  Had to call an audible because my chicken broth, for some reason, has cane syrup in it.  In the chicken broth.  FFS.


So subbed in some coconut aminos and a little liquid smoke instead. We'll see how it turns out!


Also, started a couple of workout routines to go with the Whole30.  Doing plank and squat challenges. 

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