What will the scale say in the morning? Do I care?


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Today is day 30.  I have counted down the days remaining for the last week and a half on facebook.  Many friends "liked" my post about it being day 30.  I am not sure if they are proud of me or happy that I might stop posting about paleo and healthy foods and what I made for dinner! I think most are proud for me.  When my husband passed away from cancer 3 years ago ( and even 3 year before that while we battled cancer)  I stopped caring about my health.  I ate what I wanted to because it was one more battle that I could not fight.  I realized about 40 days ago that my 3 children needed me to be the healthiest that I could be, because I am all that they have on this earth.  My youngest child needs me especially because she was born with Down syndrome and she will most likely be my wonderful companion for my/her entire life.  I needed to care for me, I need to care ...for them.  I had noticed a friends successes and began to ask her questions.  I researched the plan, and as a scientist, it made good scientific sense.  I have remained on track, to the letter, no stumbles, for a straight 30 days.  I have given up diet coke which I have enjoyed since it was invented.  I have given up hazelnut creamer in my morning coffee.  I do miss a sweetness to my one cup of coffee, but a little coconut milk has helped.  I wonder about stevia or honey in my coffee.  It would truly help my feelings and my resolve to continue on.  I have slayed a sugar dragon that was so large and fierce that it appeared at almost every meal and it fed an grew larger several times a day.  It was a family joke that we came from a long line of "sweet tooths".  I hope to stop that tradition with me.  My oldest daughter was developing one too, but she had been very open to the whole30 foods and she is getting healthier too.  My son, 19, doesnt' want too much of the green stuff and he complains that "every since I went on this crazy diet he has nothing to eat."  Believe me he does, but not the things he is used to.  He also buys his own snack and keeps them in his man cave.  I hope that as my results begin to show more and more he too will embrace the lifestyle. 


  I will see what the scale says in the morning, and I hope to not be disappointed with an unrealistic number in my head. I want to appreciate how my clothes are fitting so much better, even more loosely.  I want to appreciate how I sleep so soundly.  I want to apprecate that at the of the teaching day I don't just collapse on the couch and force myself to do what needs to be done for the home and family.  Next I will be adding exercise and I look forward to getting that into my routine.


I enjoy being in control of my eating...for once in my life. I truly believe I can now "eat to live" an not "live to eat".  Here's to rest of my healthy life with my family!

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I felt the same way about weighing in.  I finally started saying "What if I gain weight?  Will that number take away all that I've accomplished?"  The answer was a resounding "NO" but I have a long, storied relationship with the scale.  I had to keep reassuing myself that no matter what number appeared I would be fine.  And so will you!!


You've done great!  Congratulations on all of your effort!

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