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Steady Energy...until I need it for Sport

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I've put this in my log, but if anyone can give some guidance or help, it would be much appreciated. It's affecting my training.


"Last nights training went into the toilet. No real energy what-so-ever. And it sucked. I have steady energy all day long. Mentally alert at all hours. Feel fine...until I need the adrenaline, the energy for a workout or a run. Then it's like I may as well just lay down and stare at the ceiling, it about as effective.


I stopped my Spiralina this morning. I'll also be taking out all nightshades today.

I looked up the cruciferous vegetables also, which is mentioned here somewhere or a linked site, that it can upset AI problems, so looking at taking those out too."


I'm also wondering if I could benefit from some supplements like MSM, Iodine, Selenium etc. I would assume I should be getting enough of that from plenty of fresh vegetables, fats and protein though ?


Any words of wisdom or experience welcome !

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In relation to the above, this is my food list currently...



Lean meats (steak, chicken, low fat / organic mince)


Red Pepper (cutting this out)

Baby Spinach


Sweet Potato (cutting this out)

Mushrooms (cutting this out)







Sardines & Tuna

Tomatoes (cutting this out)

Coconut Milk

Supplements (D3& Calcium tablets, Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Glucosamine, Magnesium powder)

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The basic advice when energy is low is to increase starchy carbs, but you seem to include starchy carb sources like pumpkin in your diet. I don't have a good idea for you on workout energy.


I am not sure calcium supplements are a good idea based upon this article: http://chriskresser.com/calcium-supplements-why-you-should-think-twice I get my calcium from lots of dark leafy greens and eating sardines and salmon with bones.


I am not familiar with MSM. I take an iodine supplement even though I eat a lot of salmon and sardines, in part because I eat a lot of kale which I think increases need for iodine. Pasture-raised eggs are high in selenium I believe, but I eat two brazil nuts as a selenium supplement as an extra bonus. Brazil nuts are not a good choice of nuts generally because of high omega 6 content, but eating a few as a supplement is fine. 

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Hi Guys, it's Day 18 here now.

I'm in Australia AWST.


I've found upon research that my Thyroid and Adrenal gland operation is probably linked, and that my Adrenal glands could also be "malfunctioning". Looks like it may be a good idea to get my cortisol levels checked.


This last happened to me back in November, and again probably 6 months before that. Seems to be a repeating cycle, and not affected by food. Back in November and before, I was eating anything and everything I wanted. I managed to get out of bed today, just. I don't think it's my food change that I've been doing this year, I'll get it checked by a doctor and find out what it could be. Most normal doctors have just told me to get rest, they have no clue.

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Well I have taken out Nightshades.

I am keeping Cruciferous veges.

Energy back to normal, I'm back into training and normal me lifestyle.

My pulse had dropped to 35 although blood pressure was normal, 136/60 I think (or pretty close).

Doctor said his colleagues and himself do not believe it is diet related (he called them when I came in). He gave me some advice, told me his concerns, and I went home to rest.

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Ok guys, if anyone wants to answer this, feel free I could use the advice.


I dodge Nightshades now. I eat everything else on the whole 30 list.

I am sure my Thyroid is causing some of my energy problems, however my body seems to feel like it is "missing" something. I cannot explain it, I don't have cravings etc. It's just an awareness that has been creeping in over the last week or so.


I am trying to work out how to get better energy levels, and fix that "missing feeling". Feel free to comment or post. I certainly don't want sugar or pastry !

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Ok Meals...


Meal 1

4 eggs (scrambled or fried. Usually whip them first to get a fluffy egg pancake)

1/2 - 1 cup of sweet potato.

1/2 - 1 cup Zucchini

1/2 - 1 cup Mushrooms

1/2 - 1 cup pumpkin

1/2 - 1 cup Red cabbage, or broccoli, or another vege.

a few slices of onion, or red onion.

I usually use more than a thumb of Olive Oil to cook.

Himalayan Salt, Black pepper, some ground Cinnamon or another spice.

NOTE: My plate is heaped and full. I'm talking dinner plate size.


Meal 2

Same as above, but I use either Steak or chicken (usually 2 palms full or slightly more) with some light spicing. Veges are mostly the same (thats the base I generally use) but I also mix in Cauliflower, Broccoli, Spinach leaves, Avocado, Cabbage, etc for a change up. Again, my lunchbox is slightly bigger than normal, and its packed.


Meal 3

Again, pretty similar. I mix up the veges daily so it's got a spread of what I buy.


I make dinner and lunch at the same time, It's exactly the same for both meals. So lunch the day after is the same as dinner the night before. I cooked with more than the required oil amount.

If I need a fourth meal during the morning, I try to make it with Sardines or tuna in olive oil, a piece of fruit, some coconut milk.

I have been drinking decaf coffee now for over a week, as caffeine seems to upset my tummy not.


The veges I routinely buy weekly are below.

Sweet potato



Onion (brown and red)


Cabbage (red)


Spinach Leaves


Carrots (just started buying them)

There might be 1-2 others, I forget all of them. Each meal has between 3-6 handfuls of veges in it.


I also supplement every morning with Glucosamine, Magnesium powder, MSM, Vital Greens (digestive enzymes and something else), Fish Oil and Vitamin C. 

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Sorry, forgot that bit !


I run 3 days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Probably add in Sunday when training for an event. These are a minimum of 6kms each, about 5am in the morning. Mondays also has Tabata sprints included in the distance.


I train at Muay Thai 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for an hour each session. This is usually at 6pm during the week, and 9:30am on Saturday. It's high intensity most of the time.

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That's the hardest part. For reasons it is to complex to explain, I cannot get into the kitchen where I stay straight after my run, and I usually eat my breakfast later once in the city before work as I run out of time at home. Getting up early won't help, There's a house rule about what time the kitchen can be accessed, and I cannot afford to move out. This means I eat about 2 hours after my morning runs.


As for Muay Thai, I live 25 minutes away from training, sometimes dropping of my girlfriend first, whom also trains. And then have to cook something. My fridge isn't big enough to hold all the food I buy and cut up, plus numerous cooked meals for ready eating. So I don't eat for 1 - 1 1/2 hours after Muay Thai.


However we talked about this today at breakfast in the city, and on the weekend I'll be making up some Sweet Potato, egg, coconut oil travel packs for Muay Thai, and for after my run. I'll be cooking this all in together like a mash / baby food, so hopefully I can eat it cold on the run.


What do you guys think ?

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