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A Day of Shopping and More with my Stepmum.. planned out.


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This post started out as a "help!" but as I typed, I was able to figure out how I'm going to handle this weekend. ..


My stepmum is coming into Toronto for the weekend, to do some shopping and we're also going to go to the One of a Kind Craft Show.  


On Friday, I'll be picking her up at her hotel after lunch, so that's no problem, but then we're going to the Craft Show - for probably 5-6 hours, then home.  She's requested pizza as dinner, because there's an awesome place near us that she enjoys.  So, rather than going out for pizza (where the only other option is pasta), we're going to order in  because I'll have leftovers, and I won't have a problem telling her that "yes, one piece will hurt me..."  Saying no to the wine will be more difficult, but I will not let it defeat me!!


Saturday requires a bit more planning.  I'm picking her up after breakfast, but then we're going to be out all day long, and I'm going to plan our route so that we end up at lunch time near someplace where I can get the right food.  


I have to drive my sister to the airport early the same morning, so in between the airport run and picking up my stepmum, I'm going to come back to the house, and start a stew in the slow-cooker.  


I'm also going to put some baby carrots and a hard-cooked egg in my purse - in case of emergencies while out shopping - I know it's not "mindful eating" but I can always duck into a change room and scarf them down if I have to..


Sunday morning, we'll go out for breakfast - and I'll have the poached egg and fruit at Cora's.


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