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Can someone tell me what is meant by "various beans (properly prepared)" on the vegetarian/vegan shopping list? I have hunted for an answer to which beans are recommended but haven't found an answer, nor can I find whether the preparation instructions from the book to "soak for 12-24 hours, rinse, then boil for 15 minutes" are in regard to any dry bean or only specific ones that are recommended most while doing Whole30 as a vegan. Thanks in advance!

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I made vegan chili and used three types of beans, pinto, pink, and red.  I usually buy organic canned beans, but I wanted to try the whole30 method as an experiment for fun.  My first impression and my family's was the beans were going to be mushy.  Actually quite the opposite.   They were very firm and tasty.  I felt the chili was better than ever before, same recipe.  I am now going to use this method instead of opening a can, but it will require planning ahead instead of gee, what will I fix tonight, quick, open the can of beans and add greens and seasonings...


This is what I did:  three types of beans, washed and rinsed quickly in a colander and put in a deep mixing bowl and covered with water about two inches over the top level of beans and set the beans on the counter out of the way for a full 24 hours (I dumped out the water half way through and added clean water, too).    After the 24 hours I rinsed the beans and boiled them on very low simmer in a big stock pot for two hours (I guess I missed the 15 minutes instruction.  My daughter told me she read two hours.)  Then I put them in freezer bags in the freezer.  I had so many beans!!  A couple days later I got out a baggie of beans and thawed them out, measured out two cups and added them to my vegan chili.  It was really very yummy.  I thawed out some more a couple days later and mashed them with avocado and salsa (approved salsa, no sugar or additives, easy to find really) and they were very yummy, too.  And I still have a lot in baggies in the freezer for whatever suits my culinary fancy.  I am pleased.


So that's my bean story.

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