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Brittany's Log

Brittany Long

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Hi all!

If I would have seen this sooner, I would have started logging sooner. I am on Day 3 now.
I am having a hard time today. Low energy, cravings, and just want to nap! Hope it gets easier! I am also breastfeeding my 20 month old still, who nurses pretty frequent still! Does this look like enough fats/foods?

Day 3

Meal #1
Half a plate of sauteed asparagus cooked in coconut oil
Leftover meatloaf with hidden liver

Iced black tea unsweetened

Meal #2
1/2 Sweet Potato with coconut oil, sea salt, and cinnamon
About 1/2 cup of spinach

2 hard boiled eggs
Green Beans

4 strawberries


Quarter of a pear
Handful of pecans

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Hi Brittany.


You may be ok. Are your meals satiating you for 4-5 hours? Have the whole sweet potato: that's a good carb source for you, and may help with the energy. When eggs are your protein, the serving size is the number of eggs you can hold in one hand.


As you're breastfeeding, know that it's ok to have 4 meals if you need to.  If you're hungry in between meals (hungry = you could eat steamed fish and broccoli), have a mini-meal containing a protein and fat. Nuts are a fat source on a Whole30. Save your 1-2 daily servings of fruit to have with or immediately after meals.  A serving size of fruit is the size of your fist.

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I've never tried sweet potato with coconut oil sea salt and cinnamon but it sounds awesome since I love all of those things separately.  I like them with ghee, almond butter and salt on top, but I have to really watch it or I'll eat just that and nothing else.

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Thanks so much for the feedback! We are going through eggs like no tomorrow ha ha!(4 dozen this week) I will add an extra egg. Portion size is so hard to figure out. The half sweet potato was what I had leftover from dinner, otherwise I'd eat a whole one. I ate the strawberries with my second meal. I may add in a mini meal. I am hungry enough for fish and veggies. I need to get to costco to stock up on everything! Tonight we are having chicken apple sausages with mixed vegetables. Is a meat and vegetables okay for a meal? 


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Day 4

Meal #1
Leftover Meatloaf
Sauteed asparagus and spinach in coconut oil
1/2 avocado
handful of raspberries


black tea with coconut milk


Meal #2
-3 chicken strips
-mixed steamed veggies(cauliflower, broccoli, carrots)

-purple sweet potatoes baked



Roobois Tea

Mini meal
jicama, hard boiled egg, pecans, half a clementine

Meal #3 
-Rotisserie style chicken

-raw carrots and cucumbers

-2 slices of cantaloupe

-handful pecans


Peppermint tea

So yesterday I had more energy but I noticed I ate more fruit yesterday. I did add it in at the end of my meals though and my energy was better with the mini meal especially since I am still breastfeeding. It helps having already cut up vegetables and I got some more avocados so I can lay off the nuts a bit. Tea has really been my saving grace for after dinner. I am no longer snacking on everything in sight and I admit it is a little hard. I do feel a little hungry before bed but I am able to make it to the next morning.


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Day 5:
Meal 1:
2 eggs scrambled
sauteed spinach in bacon fat

one slice of bacon

cassava root cooked in bacon


Iced black tea unsweetened


Meal 2:


grape tomatoes

2 slices cantaloupe

Meal 3:
Salmon burger
mixed veggies
purple sweet potato


handful of pecans
(going to the movies, so want to stay full so I'm not tempted!)


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Day 6:
Meal 1
Meatloaf hash

brussel sprouts
Tea with coconut milk

Hard boiled egg




Salad with spinach, mixed greens, beets, cucumbers,carrots, red onion, black olives, olive oil and vinegar, hard boiled egg cut up.
1 mini hamburger patty
Pineapple and grapes

Meal 3
Sirloin Steak

Raisins and shredded coconut

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