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Let's Also Memorialize The End!


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So, here was what I wrote on day 5:


Good Morning from Day 5!  This W30 experience (second time around) is very different than the first.  I have so much more confidence in the process and the whole "what to eat" question just seems much easier to answer!  It probably helps that I have been, despite not being on "the strait and narrow," at least mindful of the ideal way to move through the day living a W-9 lifestyle.  Snacking (specifically on sweets and chocolate) have been my downfall.  Managing the late afternoon and especially evening hours without diving into sub-par foods has been the biggest challenge. 

You'd think that the obvious benefits (Energy!  Better hair and skin! Decrease in bloating everywhere... even in places I didn't think I had bloating!  MUCH improved digestion!  No mood swings!  Feeling in control!  Decrease in joint swelling, pain and mobility! Feeling virtuous!) would make staying on the path easier.  My plan this time around is to re-introduce some foods with great intention and very slowly so I really get some feedback from my body about what isn't so helpful for optimum health.


Prior to starting, I took some measurements so I had some "hard data" about changes: 

weight:  115 (which shocked me, as I haven't weighed myself in at least 5 months and NONE of my clothes fit well... most of my "usual" muscle mass has morphed into fat as a result of lots of sitting, sitting, sitting and decrease in both "regular activity" that I usually have as a part of daily routines as well as a decrease in "intentional activity" (e.g. biking, running, walking).


From the top down:  bust:  33 1/4, waist:  27, widest point of hip:  363/4, l/r thighs:  21 1/8 - 21 3/9


I am hoping to gain back that better skin & hair, decrease swelling around finger joints, feel in control of managing emotions without using food for support, increase both active/intentional activity as well as decrease my sitting time (time to implement the standing desk!), feel comfortable in my clothing, get at least one massage and find a doctor for overall health management (it's been years since I have seen one and, "at my age" (51), I should have a partner in health!  This may be a long list for 30 days.




This is what is happening at Day 34:


Weight:  111 (and this is with me overeating at many, many meals, something to continue to work on over way more than 30 days!)  I am expecting this number to increase as I gain muscle mass, which is fine, except I might not win the bet my sister and I made in 1975.... first one to weigh 110 pounds gets $20....  :)


bust:  31 1/2 (yes, don't we always lose the most here?!)

waist:  251/2

widest point of hip (okay, butt):  351/2

hipbones:  34 1/2

l/r thighs:  20 3/4 - 20 1/2


The better skin and hair definitely happened!  This is way out crazy, but I periodically catch myself touching my cheek- baby soft!  There is almost NO hair left in the tub following a shower.  You could have built a nest with what was left after each shower pre- W30.  My hair has a really soft feel and it's not due to hair products!


My clothes fit well. 

I have managed (and not with ease!) to not eat my way through the 4pm - bedtime time frame.  During the last week (and these few days post Whole 30) I found a big shift in me recognizing signals of satiety and building a new script in my head about having fed my body well... time to move on to another activity.


Some of my finger joints have clearly decreased in inflammation/size, but what is notable is that there is almost no pain (and I have recently been weeding up a storm- which did increase the size a bit- but no accompaning pain).  Digestion is good... and perhaps even a bit more sensitive (now that the basement rumblies and constant hurting / betching is gone, I'm able to notice more subtle discomforts- and I don't regard them as "normal").  This will be a place for further attention as I move forward.


I definitely have a profoundly different "inner calm," have even energy and mood throughout the day and have been more productive in accomplishing both work and home tasks, many that have sat for ages waiting to be addressed! 


I hadn't yet had a massage or found a doctor (but have called around- evidently I have the Goldilocks complex with doctors; no one seems to be "just right!"). 


Some other unexpected perks: 

Just prior to the 30 days, I think I was living on sugar and by golly, I was getting some weird symptoms (e.g. pins and needles feeling and numbness on my arms and hands).  These are gone. 


I really didn't exercise much in the month, but I have since and really am looking forward to it- working to plan both "big" and "not so big" movement into my weeks.


Cooking!  I'm continuing to discover really good recipes, tasty meals, and am appreciating food in a really different way.  There has been almost no food waste, as every vegetable finds its way into a meal!  The pressure cooker and crock pot are my friends.  I have spent more time in the kitchen, but have nearly gotten caught up on the backlog of TED Talk (and other) podcasts.


Accountability:  I found the logging (something I didn't do the first time around) helpful.  So helpful, that I'm really glad to be done with it!  I had a weird pleasure on days 31-33 in eating perfectly compliant food and knowing that I didn't have to write it down!  Odd- that helpful but not particularly desired activity!


For all of you who share the post-50 year perspective- give it a go!  It is an amazing experience!


Thank you to fellow W30-ers for their interest, support and perspective sharing.  Big thanks also to Melissa and Dallas and all the moderators for the quick responses to everyone's questions, the words of encouragement and this incredible framework for great health. 

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure of the Whole30 and your progress so far. 


When I hit 40 and the weight refused to move off, I just helped it stay on...and add friends called 20 pounds. 


I'm thankful to have found Whole30 like you have for those of us past that proverbial prime time and decided to change that proverb into a different reality of losing weight.



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All the best to you! For me, it was so much more than weight loss and inches- but those tangibles are nice ways to measure success and changes. What has been remarkable is the hair, skin, energy and overall feeling great! My sister(who turned me on to this whole way of eating) also teaches in Idaho!

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