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On our way to Whole30 success!


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I was surprised that my cravings were only this morning, after the stupid waffle business. But as the day went on, the cravings just stopped. That is weird for me this early in.

My mother-in-law is the best! She researched what the Whole30 was and prepared an entire dinner around it. She didn't get a cake at all, instead she made some fruit and nut thing and stuck candles in it. I couldn't believe it! It ended up being a really great family dinner. I wish they could all be like that!

Day 4 log:

B: steak and spinach in coconut oil, decaf coffee with coconut milk

L: gf beef patty with avocado and sweet potato with coconut oil. We're out of practically everything, so no veggies unfortunately!

D: paleo meatloaf, salad and some fruit/nut bake. It was actually a little too sweet, so I fed most of it to my daughter.

My daughter's log is a mystery. She was at the grandparent's all day and I'm certain there was plenty of milk and wheat involved. Oh well. I'm realizing this could possibly never change. The best I hope for is that one day my daughter will make the right choices when it comes to food and be able to realize how foods make her feel.

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I agree, the Whole30 Daily was interesting today. Lots of good tips to quell the cravings. I haven't really had them much so far, either, which is sort of surprising to me as I've had lots of cravings the past month or so and was feeding that sugar monster too much.

middleagedpaleo, thanks for the nice compliment. I keep hoping my daughter will at least try grain/gluten free...I try not to "preach" at her.

Day 4: Breakfast was some chicken apple sausage and tea with coconut milk. I took my granddaughter and a friend shopping and figured out midmorning I hadn't eaten nearly enough breakfast! Stopped in at our Natural Grocers (similar to Whole Foods but smaller) and picked up a pack of macadamia nuts. I also found something handy to keep on hand (maybe in the car for "emergencies") that I think is legal. It's dehydrated sweet potato chips from Rhythm Superfoods--organic sweet potatoes, organic onion powder, organic garlic powder, sea salt. They aren't fried in oil or anything. I know we aren't supposed to use too many snack-y things but I don't think these would be something I would crave or sit down and eat the whole pkg. Anyway, I had a handful of mac nuts and a few of those dehydrated sweet potatoes and that got me through till lunchtime.

For lunch, the girls wanted to go to Chili's. I had a hamburger, bunless, with lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado. The waitress even said it looked really good!

Dinner was an apricot, some paleo meatloaf and some slaw I made.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!

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I'm so far behind in reading! Funny how we all struggle with so many family challenges, whether it's trying to help others with their health or fighting off the junk food artillery. CaseyD I am impressed that your mother in law made you a Whole30 dinner!

I'm struggling these past few days. I am suffering from "hormonal poisoning", HA. Yesterday heading out of town for our day trip we realized we forgot the kiddo's hat, his potty, and the ghee. I packed sweet potatoes, but not enough foil to wrap them fully. There was a fire ban so I couldn't even throw them in the fire. All that said, I ended up pan frying them in some butter so that we could actually eat. So I guess I "cheated" but the alternative was not eating. Um. no. Our side trip to the sausage place was awesome, except for the fact that our freaking car died!!! It needed a boost... so weird. It's an '09 Honda, so not like it's a clunker. Thankfully the owner had booster cables there. Sigh. It was a rough day. BUT, aside from the butter I stayed clean. Mr. Foodie cheated and drank beer. Boo on him.

Today, my child is testing my patience. I'm about ready to go chug a gallon of white chocolate mocha to soothe my mood. No no no! I will not!

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Hang in there, mrstrudo! Your little one will be in bed soon, and tomorrow will be a better day.

How was the Honda today? No problems? My hubby's a retired mechanic and believe me, cars just do weird things sometimes. But if it keeps it up let me know and I'll ask hubby's opinion. He could probably tell you what to check first and what to ask the mechanic if you have to take it in.

I've had a good day today. I made my daughter some chicken soup, and for us I made my first curry! We both enjoyed it and I think it will be on the menu quite a bit during this Whole30 and beyond. Score another "legal" meal that Mr. paleo skeptic enjoys.

I really liked the Whole30Daily today. Great info.

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I agree with Mrstrudo--sometimes when faced with less than perfect alternatives, we just gotta' do what we gotta' do. I am not going become a "Rigitarian" about this thing, even though in a perfect world (When and where is that? Sign me up!) we would all be getting gleaming gold stars for 150% compliance every single day. I still think that compared to how I was eating the weeks before embarking on this Whole30, I have already eaten way better in these last five days. I'm into celebrating successes (yay, PaulaB!), not dwelling on small slips :-)

And how the heck is the Whole30Daily able to read our minds???? First the topic of cravings, then today social situations. Hmmmm, guess they know a thing or two about this process...

Oh--final note for now: I talked with husband about anniversary/wine issues and we figured out a great plan together. Tomorrow we are going to go on an all day hike out to the coast north of San Francisco. Pack lots of good Whole30 food, and come home so tired we won't even want to go out for dinner or drink! A win for both of us.

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middleagedpaleo- See, that's why you've kept him around so long. Talk about supportive!

Happy anniversary! Well, in one hour my time it will be August 6.

My husband and I have a tradition of going camping and kayaking for our wedding anniversary. That's what we did for our honeymoon, so we just have done it every year since. I like those kind of traditions.

Sunday has kind of turned into the grocery shopping/food prep day. I don't know what the deal was, but it took entirely too long to do both today. I started the process around noon and at 6 p.m., I just threw in the towel and we went to a park to run. I'm trying very hard to learn this whole running thing. I'm much more a cyclist than a runner.

I snacked more than ate actual meals today. I have days like that. We had eggs and bell pepper for breakfast, then I had a banana while I was grocery shopping, a small burger patty and broccoli when I got home, some salmon later and then a sweet potato, chicken and tomatoes after the run.

I agree with the idea of making the Whole30 what it needs to be from an individual perspective. My previous Whole30's I've let in stuff that was not technically Whole30 because I ran into unexpected situations. I'm really trying to practice being prepared at all times this Whole30. I'd just love to say I did it completely by the book this time! So far so good.

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Late to the party, but glad to be on board. We were finishing our vacation-- a month long tour of half the country, visiting lots of family (stress! stress! mixed with fun) -- at the beginning of August, so I waited until I was home with my own kitchen to start. Yesterday was HARD because I'd had a lot of caffeine and sugar in the last week and a half of vacation, and we were all tired and cranky so the kids were really pushing our buttons, but I held strong. I'm hoping it will get better from here on out.

Day 1

B: 2 fried eggs with salsa and W30 mayo (the avocado was rock hard so I had to come up with SOMETHING), grapes, coffee with W30 coconut milk

S: some nuts, raspberries

L: tuna with W30 mayo, handful of yellow cherry tomatoes (so yum!)

S: nuts, apple, iced coffee with coconut milk

D: chicken fajita bowl with onions, peppers, zucchini, avocado and tomato

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Hi all! Finally caught up with your weekends. We had a birthday this weekend too and the party was anything BUT Whole30 approved. I ended up making a meal for me and SIL to share. Pan seared in clarified butter then baked to doneness fresh caught catfish, baked quartered sweet potatoes brushed with coconut oil and sprinkled with cinnamon, and a tomato and onion salad with olive oil, vinegar, and various spices. It was good. I was able to pass up the non-w30 approved foods pretty easily. At this point in the game (5 months paleo) that stuff just smells disgusting. I have learned the art of smelling the different smells as opposed to them all lingering together like they used to and all I could smell was nasty cheez-wiz and cream of mushroom soup, oh and the smoky yucky smell of too-hot vegetable oil. I was glad to have my own W30 approved foods.

Happy birthday to all the 8/6 babies out there (and happy anniversary as well).

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No more car problems, Hub replaced the battery though. Hopefully that fixes it? How did you make the curry, Paula? I love curries but the family often complains I make it too spicy. One of my colleagues makes the best green curry chicken I've ever tasted in my life!!

Happy birthdays and anniversaries today! Hope your celebrating went off without a hitch... or a cheat :)

I'm also loving the Whole30 Daily. Unfortunately, hubby is doing a bad bad job. He's cheated with frozen yogurt, beer, a cheerio (ha!).. and then turns around and says "Whole30 is awesome! It makes me feel great!" Oh husband. Sigh. I'm glad the only cheating this marriage deals with is on Whole30. ha ha.

Today I had a scramble with lamb sausage, eggs, zucchini and peppers for breakfast

salad and leftover chicken and sausage for lunch

a few dates as a snack

chicken and salad for dinner

melon and proscuitto for a snack.

My mom and cousin arrived today. Mom brought her jujubes, they wanted ice cream... "WHAT is Whole30!?" etc. We'll work on them slowly. I've convinced mom to take a look at ISWF. Husband says he feels guilty about cheating. Mom says "well why would you want to feel guilty about eating". "I don't feel guilty about eating. Because I choose not to eat foods that make me less healthy. I am happy in my healthy choices."

Boo yah.

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Happy birthdays and anniversaries!

Today I was ravenous, constantly. I ate a ton but kept it W30.

B: two eggs, salsa, leftover onions & peppers, avocado, some raspberries, coffee/coconut cream

S: cashews

L: Hard boiled egg, chicken & apple sausage, tomatoes, 1/2 peach

S: lots of cashews, slice of turkey

D: shrimp cocktail (homemade W30 cocktail sauce), sweet potato fries, green salad w/ W30 ranch-ish dressing

S: hard boiled egg & blueberries

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A Cheerio? Ha, that sounds really desperate.

My birthday was pretty awesome. We went on a bike ride this morning on our local trail system. The temperature was in the 80's, so it was perfect! My parents also managed to handle the Whole30 dinner and had me blow out a candle on a peach. Hilarious.

So Day 6 Log:

B: eggs, bacon and spinach

L/S: 2 cans of tuna in olive oil, banana

D: steak, zucchini noodles, and sweet potato fries

My daughter was fed cake and corn on the cob tonight. I knew it would happen, but now that this crazy birthday stuff is over with (well, her participation in it at least), I can get her back on track.

I stayed up entirely too late last night watching NASA land Curiosity on Mars, so I've been tired all day. But amazingly I haven't felt the need to reach for caffeine. I am, however, ready to go to bed!

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Wow -- we all have been busy!

I'm happy to report that our anniversary hiking date was a success. For once the famed SF fog decided to stay away, so the weather was fabulous as well. (Yay for getting Vitamin D direct from the source!) We scrambled all over the steep ravines and rocky beaches north of the Golden Gate, discovered spots we'd never been to before, and did indeed quite happily wear ourselves out. Husband commented on how we wouldn't have been able to have such an adventure a year ago, and he's right. Even though he went primal sort of by default, we're both in waaaaay better shape than...than...than, well--ever!

The one change in the plan is that we ended up at our favorite Italian restaurant at the end of the day because my husband really wanted to go. I agreed because I knew I could get clean food there--a very locally-sourced/pasture-raised kind of Italian place. I had spinach with pancetta & pine nuts sauted in olive oil, plus an artichoke stuff with house-made sausage (hold the parmesan, thank you).

But the best part of that meal was that I did NOT have any of the homemade bread OR any wine. Goal set and accomplished! Feels great.

Tonight we are going to a block party for "National Night Out," organized by some newer neighbors up the street. They are going to roast a whole pig! Plus I see them barefoot or vibram-ed a lot of the time. Hmmmmm. I could have some paleo tribe members just four doors away. I plan to do a bit more research on this tonight -- hope I'm right!

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Congrats on the successful anniversary, middleagedpaleo! Yum, I'm glad you could enjoy a nice dinner after all.

Hi, justrustdc! Are you in DC? I took 3 of my grandkids there for a visit earlier this summer. Fun!

I made the curry by sauteeing some chicken breasts & cutting them up, chopping up & frying some veggies...let's see....I think I used a red bell pepper, a sweet potato (microwaved a bit first so it would cook quickly), onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and green beans. I used Thai Kitchen Red Curry paste and coconut milk. I read on Everyday Paleo to heat the coconut milk first and add the paste & simmer a bit. I guess the spices "bloom" or something in the hot fat. Anyway, I had no idea how much to use so I started with about a teaspoon and had to add quite a bit more, as we like our food pretty spicy.

Last night we shared a T-Bone and I roasted cauliflower and made a big salad with mixed baby greens, avocado, sugar snap peas, cucumber and golden beets.

I have found the absolute best balsamic vinegar I've ever tasted to use for salad dressing during my Whole30, and probably forever. It is Napa Valley Naturals cherry wood aged Balsamic Grand Reserve Vinegar. It is kinda expensive but it is awesome! I drizzle some olive oil and then this rather thick balsamic vinegar plus a sprinkle of salt and pepper and it makes a wonderful salad. (Hubs is sticking to his Ken's Blue Cheese dressing, which is just fine with me because I don't like it anyway. lol)

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My mom keeps flipping through ISWF. This is progress. :)

I love the sounds of that balsamic vinegar. I love good ingredients!

I'm going to try milk first then paste. Usually I do it the other way around and just wing it.

I'm finding it so difficult not to cheat. I also feel like garbage... digestively speaking.

B: eggs, bacon, apple, coffee

L: salami

D: steak, ribs, salad, sweet potato

S: more salami...

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Hang in there! Today I had crazy cravings for sweets half the day. It was awful!

Well, I made it through all 4 birthday celebrations without a single non-Whole30 item. One of my friends offered me a drink like thirty times tonight, too. She's forgetful like that.

Too tired to post my food log for today, but it did involve a lot of vegetables, protein and fat, and not a lot of fruit. I was trying to fight those sugar cravings the smart way. It was a tough time today!

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I think we are all doing a great job of finding our way through challenges. Keep it up!

My stepbrother was in town with his family so we met at the Zoo (yes, we are in DC, PaulaB :) ). It was great to see family and the kids had a great time. However, the zoo is having some financial trouble so they have put in all kinds of new money-making opportunities, like caricature artists, way more souvenir stands and TONS of vending machines and snack carts. Way, way, way more than they used to have. So every few steps there was some other treat tempting me, which I hadn't expected. I had packed lunch for the kids and snacks for myself but when I opened the Larabar it was moldy (it was really, really old, so in hindsight I am not surprised). That meant I only had grapes and grape tomatoes between 8 am and 2 pm. I was so hungry. I even scoped out all the food stands to see if there was something I could buy that was close to compliant but everything was breaded and fried! Ugh. But I made it through minute by minute and finally got some lunch after the kids went down for their naps. The other good thing was going to the National Zoo is a ton of exercise - it is one giant hill so you get in lots of hard walking. And the lesson here is pack extra!!! You never know how hungry you'll be or what will happen.

Then we went to my mom's for dinner because it was my stepbrother's daughter's birthday. Food is a huge minefield with my mom - huge doesn't even begin to cover it - so although I wasn't 100% compliant, I am counting it as a victory. For starters, life around my mom is generally more pleasant with a glass of wine but I turned down a drink each time it was offered. ;) She didn't even have any raw vegetables around for crudite or any nuts so the only thing I could find to eat while others had munchies was strawberries. To be fair, she tends to eat South Beach but has, like us, just returned from our vacation and hasn't shopped much. And the strawberries were yummy! The main dish was almost W30 - really yummy chicken baked with lemon, olive oil and herbs, but it had a little honey. It was the only thing I could really eat, though, and turning it down would have been WWIII, so I ate it and enjoyed it. I made the green beans so they were ok, but all the other vegetables had cheese or probable preservatives (canned artichokes, for example). I did have a slice of tomato from the tray of tomato, basil & mozzarella, so it had a little dairy on it but that really couldn't be avoided. And when everyone else had cake and ice cream, I had more strawberries.

I think the social thing is one of the hardest parts for me, too. When I am with my wife, it's no problem, because she is allergic to so much. I have no problem interrogating people or turning down stuff to keep her safe. But if it's just me, I feel awkward and rude saying, "I can't eat that; it has preservatives." For 30 days it's no big deal, but I don't think I will be able to keep that level of compliance in social situations after a W30. Luckily last night was a buffet so I took what I wanted and skipped the rest, but it's trickier than that sometimes.

Anyway, the full day looked like this:

B - fried eggs, salsa & mayo, blueberries, coffee & coco cream

S - iced coffee with coco cream, then grapes and cherry tomatoes at zoo

L - 2 chicken and apple sausage, hard boiled egg

S - nuts before heading to mom's, strawberries

D - chicken, green beans, tomato, strawberries

Sorry to go on so long. I tend to be long winded!

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Jen - I totally get the social situation. It's crazy because when I was vegetarian, I used to feel like I was so justified and right all the time, I had no problem telling people I won't eat the meat or any animal products. I didn't care who I might offended because I was offended they were eating meat. (Ha, I'm typing this while eating chicken!)

What I've realized about me is that I have a much easier time standing up for myself now that I truly feel committed. When I was vegetarian, I was certain that I did not want to eat meat 100% of the time. For a long time, eating paleo, I found there were too many grey areas. Yes, I wanted to give up wheat entirely, but did that mean I was never, ever going to eat a piece of cake again? Sugar is even trickier because I practically have felt addicted to it. But over this year, through going back and forth with eating clean and then not eating clean, I've come to a place where I know how foods affect me and now I know what foods I really should and want to be without. I've also learned that even if I don't have plans to never have something again, I do still have a choice to say I'm not having it right now and it's still no one's business. In the last few months I've gotten to a place where I can say to my mom or in-laws "I don't eat wheat at all" or "I don't want sugar in anything right now" and not worry about the response anymore because I feel committed enough to what I'm saying that I am prepared to deal with any hard feelings I may get. The family's starting to get used to it at this point, too. I think what happened over my birthday really has shown me that they are trying to accept it.

In other news, this dropping the milk bottle thing has seemed to push my daughter's nap time back a couple of hours. I'm not adjusting to that fast enough. She's skipped her nap entirely a couple days as well (that's something I kind of expected). I dread the day she drops naps entirely. I love nap time so much. ;)

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I so hear folks on the social situations, particularly with family involved because then the food often means a lot more than just sustenance. I wish MY mom would give me a candle on peach for my birthday! I've started to do more and more of the cooking for family events, though, and that helps a lot. I've even pulled off a couple of "stealth" primal/paleo meals and they went home happily well-fed and none the wiser!

I also got through yesterday's neighborhood potluck pretty easily. I made Melissa Joulwan's Moroccan Meatballs (yum!), and there were lots of salads & raw vegetables, as well as Dat Pig. Wow, if you ever get offered pork from a slow-roasted pig on a spit, say yes please!

Since I'm lucky to live in a pretty foodie-focused part of the world, there wasn't any velveeta to dodge, but still lots of grain choices, wine, and the gorgeous contributions of our neighbor the professional pastry chef. BUT I'm so please with how well I have done so far on this Whole30--already way beyond my expectations--that it was easier than I anticipated to pass the poor choices by. Besides, I could always go back for more pig :-)

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Where is everybody? I hope you are all doing well. I know having a group to check in with has been helping me stay on track - knowing I will have to report any straying has helped me make better choices more than once!

I am pretty sure I didn't log Wednesday but I don't remember it anymore. It was compliant, though. Oops.

Thursday - 8/5 (Day 5 for me)

B - fried eggs with leftover fajita veg, salsa, mayo, and a tiny bit of avocado, plus blueberries and coffee with coconut cream

S, all day - paleo granola (all ingredients W30 compliant, but WAAAAY too much snacking), iced coffee

L - pesto turkey burger & salad

D - roasted salmon, asparagus and portobello mushroom

Today - 8/10 (Day 6)

B - fried eggs with leftover asparagus and mushroom, raspberries and coffee with coconut cream

No snack this morning!

L - shrimp cocktail, avocado with lemon, and green salad

D (already packed b/c my wife and I are going to a spa for the afternoon which ironically does not have any W30 compliant food) - turkey salad with apples, chives, walnuts & W30 mayo, grapes, and cucumber. Except I think my kids ate the cucumber by mistake.

How's it going for you?


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I tried posting last night, but then a naked toddler ran up and decided I was done typing. So, I never got back to it.

I'm really rocking this Whole30. It's been such a breeze this time. I think the awesome energy thing is kicking in today, because I feel like I'm on top of the world. And my husband is really noticing it. I wish he would notice it enough to give it a shot. ;)

I've been living out of the Well Fed cookbook this week, so dinner has been fantastic every night. We made the chocolate chili and it's weird, but it comforted the one real, deep sadness I have about giving up sugar - quitting chocolate. You can't really taste it and it doesn't feel like I'm eating a chocolate bar, but just knowing it's there made me feel happy. I can definitely handle that. Plus, it is the best freaking chili I've ever had, which is saying a lot.

Today we are having a crazy, beautiful day. It's not even 80 degrees yet and it's almost 2. It has been in the 100s almost every day since part way through June, so this is practically cold! We rode the bike to a far away playground today and saw about a million kids out. Seems everyone has been waiting for this day!

Yesterday's (Day 9 log) for both my daughter and I:

B: eggs, bacon, tomato

L: leftover chocolate chili with butternut squash

S: leftover buffalo chicken salad (she had olives and melon)

D: leftover pork fried "rice" and sweet potato with coconut oil (she had butternut squash and veggie-burger patties)

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Busy, busy, busy. But still stickin' to this Whole 30 thing as best I can. I haven't been listing every bite I eat in this log because I'm doing that on another tracking-type site "Eat Different." I like it because it's very straight-forward, you can be as detailed or general as you please in your lists, it's seems to have a primal/paleo bent (no calorie counts)--and it's free :-)

I do have to mention today's unique food experience, though: my first "vegan truffle." I didn't even know such a thing existed! I was at a local hipster cafe for a cup of plain ol' black coffee (no caramel mocha latte for me...), and I'm happy to say that none of the fancy-schmancy stuff in the pastry display actually tempted me. But then these odd balls of stuff in the back corner caught my eye.

Being such a food-centric sort of place, of course all the ingredients were listed on a sign near the tray: dates, coconut, cocoa, raisins, and almonds. All organic and fair-trade as heck, of course, and all chopped and shmushed together into a golf ball sized package. Well, I had to try one for for the sake scientific inquiry, right? Absolutely delish, sez this impartial researcher.

I know the Whole30 rules say no paleo substitute treats, and I have been faithful to that principle every time I've felt a bit aimlessly munchie these last 10 days. The truffle thing was definitely a treat, but I've decided I'm not going back to Day One because of it. For one thing, all the ingredients were "allowable," but most importantly I did NOT eat it out of desperation just because I couldn't satisfy a Ben & Jerry's craving. I really did just want to try it to see what it was like. I'm wondering --anybody have any thoughts/opinions on this?

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The truffle thing was definitely a treat, but I've decided I'm not going back to Day One because of it. For one thing, all the ingredients were "allowable," but most importantly I did NOT eat it out of desperation just because I couldn't satisfy a Ben & Jerry's craving. I really did just want to try it to see what it was like. I'm wondering --anybody have any thoughts/opinions on this?

Works for me! :)

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middleagedpaleo - your truffle sounds no worse than a Larabar. If that's your worst offense then your Whole30 is going great!

I agree with Renee and would just avoid them until your Whole30 is done. There are coconut date rolls at Whole Foods that I know are good and simply dates and coconut. Technically compliant like a Larabar, but probably best to avoid for now. I ate two Larabars the other night. Not good. :(

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