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My Whole 30 Log for Lesscushion

Tiffany Precissi

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I'm tracking my food and activity in a textedit file and will post those here each evening. For now, I'm going to post the list of goals I have come up with.

  • In bed by 10pm every night.
  • All electronics off within 1 hour of bed. I've set my laptop to automatically turn itself off at 9pm. Now I just need to turn the T.V. off as well. (Darn Olympics!)
  • All meals will be eaten at the table together with no electronics on.
  • I will continue to do CrossFit workouts a minimum of 3x/week. I will walk/jog on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes daily during my daughters nap time.
  • I will focus on getting household chores done BEFORE I sit down at the computer each day.
  • I will seek out or plan fun family activities for each weekend. Such as swimming, biking, attending festivals, etc.
  • Fruits will be kept to a minimum for me during this process. I will also cut back on my sweet potato consumption.
  • I will drink no beverages other than water throughout the entire duration.

I'm excited!

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I definitely know what you mean there Derval. ;)

Day 1:

1: Scrambled eggs w/ green onion in coconut oil. Half a sausage and 1 slice bacon. Water

2: Applesauce, Leftover taco meat w/ 1/2 avocado and handful of cherry tomatoes. Water

3: Small piece of pork, small piece of chicken, handful of grapes. Water

45 minute bike ride w/friends with a stop at a park for the kids.

1 hour in the pool with a very active and fearless toddler.

-- I didn't do so well with my balance on these meals but it's a learning curve and we have a stocked fridge waiting to be prepped. And I didn't walk on the treadmill today only because of our bike ride plus swim. I didn't want to burn myself out.

So far, so good.

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Day 2:

1. 2 Eggs w/ coconut oil, 1/2 avocado, water

2. banana, applesauce

3. Italian sausage, scrambled eggs with red bell pepper, grapes. water

4. tri tip steak, roasted asparagus, applesauce. water

No exercise today just a LOT of errands and housework.

I need to work on actually reducing my fruit like I had set out to do. =\

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Derval - Awesome! Is it a good book? I've been cruising Pinterest today and have found some great tips.

Day 3:

So far.. Meh. I'm exhausted today and am lacking the drive to actually prepare food. So if it's not leftovers or already made, I haven't eaten it. So far today I've had a lot more fruit than I know I should have but at least I haven't strayed and eaten something totally non-Whole30. Dinner is definitely going to have to consist of a lot of vegetables to make up for this fruit.

I'll post the food log after we eat tonight.

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Derval - Awesome! Is it a good book? I've been cruising Pinterest today and have found some great tips.

It is so far, I'm trying to just read it day-by-day not rush ahead. Basically the first week is do your dishes, put away clean dishes every day...and put dirty dishes in sink/dw as they are used throughout the day.

So I started this - I do half a cross when I put away the clean dishes from the drainer first thing in the morning, before breakfast, and the second hlaf in the evening when I do *all* (no leaving the pots & pans!) the dishes after dinner. I am determined to keep up the streak and not break the chain!


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Day 4:

1. 2 over easy eggs, two pieces sugar free bacon (yuck!), water

2. bbq's italian sausage links, broccoli salad (http://livinpaleo.wo...broccoli-salad/), water w/ lemon from our tree squeezed in it

3. swai fish w/ homemade mayo and sauteed asparagus, two carrot sticks, water.

Today was actually quite good.

We had errands to run today and I walked a few laps around a building with my daughter while waiting for my husband. Then I spent a good hour or two outside working in the yard followed by cleaning the kitchen.

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Day 5:

1. sweet potato in coconut oil, scrambled eggs with green onion, 3oz applesauce pouch, water.

2. 1/2 banana (I literally dropped two in a row on the floor so I gave up), steak, sauteed asparagus, small fuji apple, water.

3. 3oz applesauce pouch, pork strips wok cooked in coconut oil with ginger, garlic and chilies, mixed with charred green beans over cauliflower rice. Couple of baby carrots. water.


30 minute interval walk

some body weight ring rows

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Day 8:

1. two over medium eggs, applesauce pouch. water

2. leftover green beans and pork, water.

3. pork chops, tri tip, asparagus, watermelon (small wedge), water.


Walking the dog


Day 9:

1. applesauce pouch, one egg, water. (woke up late and flew out the door)

2. Leftover meats. water

3. scrambled eggs in coconut oil, sauteed diced sweet potato, onion and red bell pepper together. I had no idea what I was doing but it turned out really well! water


Walking the dog

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Day 15:

1. eggs, sausage breakfast links, water.

2. diced sweet potato in coconut oil w/ eggs scrambled over it. applesauce. water.

3. tri -tip (can you say food rut?), leftover sweet potato. water.

Day 16:

1. 1/2 avocado, 2 eggs over medium. water.

2. leftovers, water.

3. bell pepper and garlic sausages. green grapes. water.

Day 17:

1. eggs, sausage breakfast link, water.

2. baby carrots w/ smashed avocado, chicken and apple sausage. water.

3. burgers w/ bacon & onion inside, mashed avocado, sliced tomato, Make It Paleo sweet potato cajun fries, Well Fed mayo. water


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