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Aroy-D Coconut Milk (in Tetra Pak) UHT?


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I was recently in my local Asian Market and found this coconut milk in a tetra pak:



I love the packaging and the fact that it says it's 100% Coconut Milk and it is much better as a coffee creamer than the canned milk. However, like many, I was curious about the texture and the fact that it doesn't really separate. I went online to check up on it and found this:


Aroy-D UHT (ultra high-temperature) Coconut Milk can be used for making your favorite Thai dishes, desserts, and drinks. This type of high heat treated coconut milk is homogenous, and does not separate much, even when refrigerated. It reacts differently when cooked compared to canned coconut milk, which contains a layer of coconut cream which can be skimmed off the top when cold (which is handy when cooking many Thai dishes). Therefore when using this type of coconut milk, if coconut cream is called for in the recipe, you will also need to purchase coconut cream.


UHT is a process to preserve highly perishable milk by heating at very high temperatures to kill bacteria for a very short period of time (according to Wikipedia: 1–2 seconds, at a temperature exceeding 135°C), cooling rapidly and packaging in an aseptic package (typically a mix of paper, polyethylene [LDPE], and aluminum, with a tight polyethylene inside layer per Wikipedia). This modern process increases the shelf life to many months. Many feel that UHT is the solution to avoid the BPA which canned coconut milk may possibly contain (see the Wikipedia entry for Bishenol A). At this time there does not seem to be any published studies on what this process does to coconut milk (esp. nutritionally), but it definitely changes the consistency of the milk (therefore also buy coconut cream if called for in your recipe). Note also that though you may store UHT products for a long time the sweetness, flavor and overall quality will decline as the expiration date is reached.




Does anyone have any thoughts on the UHT process and if it's good, bad, or just no effect. They also make a coconut cream which is supposed to be great, I might try that.


This sells for $8.50 on Amazon, but I got it for 2.99 in the Asian Market.

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I love that brand, that is the only one I use.  I order it in the 6pk.(8.5oz.ea) and it always taste great!  I also used the cream too, but it did not come in smaller packages and it went bad before I used it up.  Tried freezing it too, but when I thawed it out it turned "grainy".  Don't have any thoughts on UHT, hope someone will chime in on it!

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