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Whole 30 to go


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I'm always on the go. I'm in a hotel a couple times a week for work. Then I travel to do races. Before I cut out grains I was your typical chubby marathoner who lived on carbs.


I've attempted Whole30 several times but alas,didn't succeed. This time I'm doing things differently. I'm going to bring Whole30 with me when I'm traveling. Spending time in my own kitchen will be minimal. Occasionally I'll dust off my pans and cook a hamburger. Mostly I'll be relying on restaurants and filling up the hotel room mini fridge from a grocery store in whatever town I'm spending the night in.


I also have some meals from Pete's Paleo in my freezer. They will help me stay on track.


I know this way of doing Whole30 is somewhat controversial. Planning and preparing your own meals is an important component to the program. Since that's not an option for me, I'll try Plan B.


April 1 is Day 1. On Tuesday I'll be on the road. That reminds me, I need to buy a new cooler....


Today I am working on getting my fridge and pantry Whole30 compliant. I would like to say that everything is going in the trash however some stuff went in my mouth (I'm talking about you cheese and wine).


Besides sticking to the rules, my goal is to be an active participant in this forum. This is such a terrific resource, I'm thankful to have a place to visit everyday. 


Time to fill another trash bag (get out of my life paleo brownies and peanut butter!).  

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Day 1

I'm going to try to post a daily picture of one of my meals.

Here is dinner for tonight. I'm in a hotel so I stopped at a local organic cafe to pick up a salad....



Grilled chicken, avocado and veggies. No dairy, oil and vinegar for the dressing.


Before I left home this morning, I went out for a 30 min run.


I'm off to a good start.....

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Day 2

I spent most of the day driving back home from my overnight work trip.

I needed a portable lunch that I could eat driving down the interstate.

Here's what I ate...post-1121-0-31271700-1396484487_thumb.jp          post-1121-0-89265300-1396484513_thumb.jp


A Beef Epic bar (BTW...Epic bars are...wait for it....EPIC!!!) I've had all the flavors, today was 100% Grass Fed Beef with Habanero and Cherry. They're terrific for a quick meal.


I finished my driving lunch with a packet of Artisana Coconut Butter. I love this stuff. I tuck packets into my pockets during races. 


As soon as I arrived home, I changed clothes and attended a Kettle Bell class. The late afternoon is my trigger time. If I can stay compliant until 5, I'm ok for the rest of the day. It's now 6:30, I made it!

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I'm sheepishly tip-toeing back into the forum......


Hopefully no one noticed my absence....


This Whole30 is going to be different! This time I know I'll succeed!!


I know I'm going to succeed because I added another layer of accountability.


I registered for a 10 week Body Transformation contest at my Russian Kettlebell studio. I'm determined to look better in my "After" photo than my "Before".


As usual, I'll be traveling almost every week. Tonight I'm in Durango, Colorado. Next week it's Los Angeles, the following week, Las Vegas. I'm prepared with a solid exercise and Whole30 plan for the time I'm away from home.


I'm gonna do it this time!!!!

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Like you, I eat most of my meals away from home (although mine are at work).  I think the biggest key is PLANNING!  If it is a short trip, try to cook at home and pack meals in a cooler.  I have found that you really have to be careful with store bought grilled meat - a lot of them have added sugar or non-compliant oil.


Good luck to you!

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You have a ton of faith to attempt this traveling so much. I've never been on a program that required so much cooking, DEEP cooking, like making your own sauces and such. Good luck.


TBH, I really only cook on the weekends now - I've used a frypan once this week to cook eggs for breakfast, and the rest of the time I've been constructing meals from pre-cooked food in the fridge, so I think as long as you still had one afternoon (or maybe 2 evenings) free to do big cook-ups, and the ability to take a cooler with you, it would be doable - a pain, but doable!

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Thanks for the support and encouraging words my fellow Whole30ers!


The good thing about attempting Whole30 many times is that I can learn from my mistakes. Here is what I'm doing differently this time around...


Instead of impulsively jumping into another try, I scheduled a start date. My start date is July 2. I'm giving myself a couple weeks to mentally prepare. 


No tweaks no matter what! My past attempts have included one of more "modifications". Not this time.


No desserts, even if they are Whole30 compliant. Desserts are a slippery slope for me, I'm staying away from all of them. 


I know these aren't allowed for 30 days, I just need to imprint into my brain...

No Wine, No Cheese, No Wine, No Cheese, No Wine, No Cheese, No Wine, No Cheese, No Wine, No Cheese, No Wine, No Cheese, No Wine, No Cheese, No Wine, No Cheese, No Wine, No Cheese

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Every time I start (and fail) a Whole30, I learn a lesson.


My latest lesson is that I need the support of a group to succeed. I read that a group Whole30 is beginning on August 1.

I'm in!


I haven't spent the month of July shoving dairy and sugar into my face (at least not everyday). I've been slowly weaning myself off the non-compliant Whole30 stuff. When August 1 arrives, I'l be ready to get this done.

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Welcome Back!!!!!


You have some unique challenges with a whole 30.  I recently did some travel for family vacation (with a family reunion thrown in for good measure).  It is not easy, but it is doable!


I look forward to reading your logs!

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Thanks guys  :)


It's Day 1! Hot Diggitty!


This is the time of day I usually relax with an after work glass of Pinot Noir. Today my after work glass is full of sparkling water with lime. Hot Diggitty!


I ordered more meals from Pete's Paleo in San Diego. For the first couple weeks, I'm using these meals for dinner when I'm home. Tonight I'm looking forward to having Meal #1 which is Garlic braised lamb, roasted bok choy with roasted eggplant kim chi.


I'm kinda liking this sparkling water....

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The kitchen is closed on a successful Day 2!


Next week is going to be a doozy. Here's a sampling of what's to come in the next 7 days...

- Husband's birthday celebration dinner tomorrow at a fancy restaurant.

-Working out of town from Monday-Thursday.

-Working with my boss all day on Wednesday.

-Heading to Las Vegas on Saturday to complete a half marathon at midnight.


The good news is that I'll be too busy to notice the sugar withdrawals!

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