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Day 14... a little bit of bloating, but the cloud is starting to lift :)


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Wow... the tired fog is starting to lift! I had a great amount of energy this morning & didn't feel bloated all throughout the day! I still have some bloating after I eat, but not as much as I had the last couple of weeks! I wonder if 1 day of probiotics can help that quickly??? If my bloating is still around in the next couple of days, I may consider enzymes. 


But, on the positive side:

* NOT waking up at 3 am every morning!

* Gums are less sensitive when brushing my teeth!

* Lessening of my carpal tunnel syndrome!


Looking forward to what the next couple of days bring!  :D

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Day 17... Woke feeling pretty awesome & realized what my best breakfast is:


- 2 fried eggs (in clarified butter), topped with 1/2 sliced avocado

- Sauted kale (in olive oil) w/garlic powder

- All sprinkled with himalayan sea salt

- half caf coffee


I feel amazing with this breakfast! I've played with the breakfast meal template over the last 2 weeks & this is the breakfast of champions for me!!! I stay satiated for hours.


That's all for now!   :)

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