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Day 15... Glycerin found in supplement? Add extra days to W30?

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Day 15.... just now realizing my supplement ingredients!!!! Embarrassing!  :(


Hello everyone!


I feel stupid for admitting this, but as I was reading through fellow W30er's postings, I stumbled across one where our beloved 'Grumpy' Moderator, reiterated that Glycerin is is a sugar alcohol & should be avoided. Why the heck I didn't double check my supplements before this, I'll never know!


But, my vitamin D supplement has glycerin! Honestly, I've only taken it a total of 5 - 7 days since I started my W30; part of my W30 challenge is to try to take supplements that may help me, as that's been a struggle for me. (in addition to minimizing my coffee intake, etc.). So, in a way, my flakiness in taking supplements may have helped me here!  ;)


So, my question is: can I just add 7 extra days in added sugars avoidance to my W30? And during my reintroduction phase, focus on adding either dairy, legumes, or grains first? Or should I just add an extra 7 clean days, where I avoid everything, as all of those foods have natural sugars (lactose, glucose, etc)?


Any thoughts would be helpful!


Thanks! Amy :)

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We don't typically require a restart for accidental sugar ingestion--sugar isn't one of the gut disruptors that require 30 days to heal--so I would just put the supplement away until after your whole30.


FWIW, I have found a vitamin d supplment that has only olive oil, so it's worth searching for a new one.

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