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Day 16... my scalp isn't as oily!!! Awesome or warning sign?!

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Hello everyone!


I'm such a Type A personality... I'm wondering if it's a bad thing to NOT need to wash your hair as regularly as you did pre-W30, due to a decrease in oily scalp!?? 


Pre-W30, I was washing my hair every other day, with some signs of oiliness at the temples on my day off, but not enough to warrant a dosing of shampoo. But, now, out of sheer laziness over the weakend, I didn't wash my hair on normal hair washing day, even wore a beanie & it's still not greasy!


Personally, I find this awesome, but realize that with my change in eating habits in the last two weeks, I hope this isn't some well-known warning sign to a nutrient deficiency that I'm unaware of! I certainly indulge in plenty of fats (ghee, avocados, cashews, olive oil) every time I eat, so I don't think it's a decrease of fats...


Anyway, I'm probably just paranoid, but was wondering if anybody else has this "issue" ^_^  

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