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What about weight?


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I know this is about EATING WELL and not weight predominantly. But dang it I am FAT! I need to lose weight and have just finished my Whole30. I lost 17 pounds so I have another 90 to go. I want to know what people who are sticking with their healthy eating choices are doing to lose weight when they have a lot to lose. :ph34r:

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Wow!  Good for you! 17lbs is a wonderful start!  Keep it going!


I lost 35lbs in 7 months within my first whole 30 (Within 7 months I did 2 whole 30's and stayed pretty much paleo inbetween)


I have a couple of tips for you


1) Try to be patient with yourself.  It took you years to get where you were.  Weight, as much as you would like it to, will not disappear overnight. 

2) Yes I know 90lbs, is 90lbs.  It is what it is.  But also recognize that a number on a scale is not a measurement on how healthy you are.  I'm not saying 90lbs is healthy - just saying that don't let a number beat you up, and bring you down. I give myself permission to weigh myself once a month.  If I don't feel like it, or I'm not in a good mindset to accept the number whatever it may be, I don't weigh myself.

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Thanks! That was helpful. I do hope to find a way to get the fat off fairly quickly if not only for the fact that dragging it up to nearly 14,000 foot altitude is HARD! HA! I was not down where I wanted to be for my Mount Everest Trek and it really made it more work than I had hoped. I carry a lot of weight in my legs and if I can lighten those up I should really get moving!

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Hey - I hear ya!


I'm tallish (5'9") but I have short arms and legs.  (I can actually can fit into petite sizes on my bottom half) but man oh man do I have hams for legs.  I am learning to love and embrace my ham legs.:P  Sure they have down falls - I have a short stride if I run, but they are strong and they allow me to lift things. 


It isn't until recently that I have started to excersise at any regularity.  My weight stalled, and I have been maintaing for a while.  I have been getting slightly discouraged myself.  I'm in a place where my hormones are happy - so this is good. So accepting the weight that I am at present - I decided that I was going to get myself stronger, and not worry about the weight so much.  This took a bit for my head to get accustomed to be happy with the number on the scale.  Well maybe not happy about it - but accepting that this is where my body kind of prefers to be.


So I guess what I am trying to say is - focus on having fun, and enjoy the transition of becoming a better stronger you.  You already are in a much better place than you were 30 days ago - right?  Stop focusing on the weight, and focus on the end goal. 


I read on another post that you were going to Peru?  Machu Piccu?  If it is - I am envious.  This is something I would love to do as well. 

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I get the ACCEPT THINGS philosophy, but there are weights that are unhealthy and frankly, 250 pounds is not an acceptable weight for a 5'8" woman. Carrying all that fat around simply stresses my heart and lungs and without a good strong muscular structure, my joints and back will suffer. At 53 I have been around the block with this and really have no time to just sort of roll with it. Otherwise all that rolling with it over the last 25 years would not have turned me from 170 pound lean fit athlete to a 250 pound (at one time 320) sedentary, bad back bad knees bad hips fatty.  So I am on a mission.


YES! Machu Picchu. We leave in late August and will be on the trail first week of September. The second day of the trek ascends 5000 feet in one day. No walk in the park for anyone, let alone if my legs are not working like pistons.

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Wait.  So you were 320, now you're 250, including a 17 pound weight loss in 30 days?  You need to understand that this is FANTASTIC.  Seriously.  You can really expect a maximum of about 4 pounds lost in a 30 day period (unless you're a 30 year old male, of course). 


Keep doing what you're doing.  You're not having problems, you're having wild success beyond many people's blue-sky-level daydreams. 

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Well, truth be told, the first big weight loss was after weightless surgery. I had another surgery last year to reverse the WL surgery because it just wasn't healthy. So this is the first time in 6 years I have been all on my own without something artificial assisting. I certainly don't mean to diminish the losses...without the original surgery, not sure I could have lost enough on my own to get active. But now is the time to get as fit as I can and that means less weight too.

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