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Megalinity!'s Reintroduction Phase


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If you're reading this, thank you, and I appreciate your comments!


I'm starting with dairy, as it's something I missed. I'd like to eat some cheese, nice chocolate bars, and have ice cream occasionally. 


3 scrambled eggs with 1/8 cup of cheese

1 cup broccoli sauteed in regular butter



8 oz organic chocolate milk

spinach salad with chicken, carrots, green pepper, mushrooms and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette



4 oz top sirloin steak

2 cups sauteed mushrooms, spinach, carrots

2 squares fancy milk chocolate bar


I couldn't even eat the eggs. I forced down â…” of them just so I could have a semi-full serving. But I won't be doing that again. The broccoli with butter was really good, but I like ghee just as much, so I'll be sticking with that.


The milk with lunch was also a poor choice. I mostly drink chocolate almond milk, but was curious about  how regular milk would do. It did not do well. Let's just say that very little of what came out of me was solid. Perhaps that's TMI, but I'm not expecting too many of you to still be reading (or to have ever read?).


Dinner went ok. I knew better than to drink more milk or have cheese. The chocolate was surprisingly ok. For now. We shall see how the next 2 days go.

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While I'm at it, I'll post my stats.


I lost 12 lbs  :lol: and 1 dress size  :D which means I'll have to go shopping for my friends wedding in June  :D

I lost 2 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my hips, upper arms, and calves.


I also feel so amazing, well before dairy I did. I guess I won't be adding dairy back after the W30 is up. I was planning to be paleo anyway, but now I know for sure that dairy is not my friend!


Good thing there's coconut milk ice cream…. ;)  

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Nice job on your Whole30 results, and good start to your reintroduction process. Yes, it sounds like dairy is not your friend. 

On the chocolate you ate, did that contain soy? 

Oh, and I love coconut milk ice cream too.  :)

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