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Starting the W30 from the land down under!


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Hey guys I'm starting my Whole 30 journey today. I'm typing this from Sydney Australia, where I plan to stick this out. I've already done 3 months of no alcohol and no sugar so feeling good but looking to feel even better. I've had issues in the past with gluten and just this week had an unexplained case of lethargy and brain fog which i think is triggered by gluten, so really looking forward to giving it the flick.


Today I had a pear and almond milk flat white for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch and another tuna salad and egg for dinner. I had a huge bowl of fruit salad for dessert..... probably should lay off the fruit a tad but it was delish!


Looking forward to hearing about others who are kicking off their Whole 30 today too!




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