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Reintroduction Diary - April 1st (from AIP)

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I just completed a W30 (actually 31) in March, which I did following AIP (Ballantyne's protocol)


I'll record my reintroductions here - I'm reintroducing a food every 5 days (assuming no negative reactions) 


I scoured the internet to come up with my plan for reintroducing food, here's what I took away :

- 1/2 tsp, wait 15 min
- 1-2 tsp, wait a few hours
- normal sized portion that food at night / wait 72 hours 
- 1 food every 5 days
- if you have a violent reaction, wait at least 2 weeks (return to baseline status)
Since I'm coming from AIP most of what I'm reintroducing is allowed on regular Whole30.
But I'm skipping ghee and going straight to butter, because I have paleo-heaven butter available (raw milk, small-batch, grass-fed, cultured butter).  
My tentative schedule :
April 1 raw butter
April 6 black pepper
April 11 mustard
April 16 sesame seed oil
April 21 green beans
April 26 macadamia nut oil
May 1 egg yolk
(The order of some of this might change, but not the egg yolk, I'm doing 2 months egg-free)
The symptoms I'll look at : 
-mental clarity
- sleep
- strong food cravings
- headache/dizziness
- aches & pains
- digestive function
- skin
Today, I'm trying the butter.  Had a small amount at breakfast, and just under a teaspoon at lunch.  Will have a generous portion on tonight's dinner, then back to normal for a few days. 
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