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Aberg's First Whole30


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I am a first timer to whole30 and am excited to start this! I am going through some medical issues and am doing lots of testing in the next few weeks to determine what is going on. I have allergies that have become uncontrollable over the past few months, developing new allergies to foods (potatoes, shellfish, wheat) and worsening seasonal allergies. I've had angeoedema and anaphylaxis over the past few months with no apparent reason, along with constant hives. At this point, I'm desperate to try anything that may help, or make me feel better in any way! I'm hoping to sleep better, gain more energy, maybe lose a few pounds, and *fingers crossed* lessen some symptoms of whatever is going on with me! 




I started yesterday and had the expected "This is great!" feeling. But my sugar hangover started around 9 at night... ew.


Day 1


Breakfast - Frittata with sausage, mushrooms, peppers, and onion

Lunch - Skillet with broccoli, peppers, ground beef, chinese five spice, and coconut aminos (delicious!)

Dinner - Pot roast with cooked carrots and a green salad


I ate a larabar while tutoring - considering everyone I was working with was eating chocolate, chips, and other tempting goodness, I consider this a small victory!


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Your meals look good. Many people don't eat enough of the good foods they do eat, so be sure to eat at least the meal template minimum: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf


I want to be encouraging, but eating a larabar while tutoring is not okay no matter what others are eating. The Whole30 is not about relative performance, but rather absolute performance. Larabars are acceptable only as emergency food, not as a snack. 

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You are right, I didn't eat enough during my lunch and breakfast that first day and I was starving while at the library. I took that learning experience from yesterday and really tried to make sure I ate more during breakfast and lunch today so I wouldn't snack. We've got to learn from our mistakes!

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