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Day 10 cranky and bloated

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Day 10.


I am so bloated its ridiculous.  I purposely have not eating a ton of raw vegetables in an attempt to avoid

the bloat. 


I feel like I have eaten so many root vegetables that If I see another one I'll scream.  Sick of chopping, dicing - I need a super quick dinner idea that does not require a lot of work.


Really cranky because I am been compliant to the letter and have not seen any positive changes

yet - my clothes are tighter. 


I am fighting the "I am so over it" today.


I have read the timeline and knew feeling like this was possible.  I just didn't expect it happen to me.

I am usually really happy go lucky - you wouldn't know it by this post! LOL


Thanks for letting me vent - any quick dinner ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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My quick dinner is to throw a couple steaks on the grill with a hearty salad on the side.  If you're staying away for raw veggies, cook up some string beans (steam or saute) or smashed cauliflower.

If you'd like to post 2-3 days worth of your food log, folks here can give you feedback on possible tweaks.

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Hi Chris - I am not purposely staying away from raw vegetables its just I read they cause bloating etc...

and thought I should go easy on them - otherwise I love them for snacks.


I do have to say over the weekend my meals are not as regimented as I would like.  However I did stick to compliant foods.

Just not eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner - the times are all over the place. 



Cup of bone broth and two hard boiled eggs, with tomato avocado salad. 

Lunch was a leg quarter of a roasted chicken

snack around 3pm was a red vegetable juice drink - from a juice bar at the local health food store- I know I can hear you all now

just eat the vegetables - but I really wanted to try it.

Dinner I thinks was leftovers - morrocan chicken over greens.


Sunday is my prep day - so I kind of eat what ever I am cooking at the time for the week.  I know my lunch was a salad topped with

tomatos and sardines and dinner was a bowl of chocolate chili - was making a big batch for the week.


I do better during the week on a schedule




Ground Pork hash with plaintains, apples, onions sauteed in coconut oil-545am


5 olives and bone broth at 10am


Coco rubbed flank steak(ISWF) sauteed eggplant and zucchini sauteed in coc nut oil(that the steak was cooked in)

over greens-noon


5 olives, apple, and a V8 - 400pm


Worked out and got that nasty headache.


Chocolate Chili over roasted root vegetables - parsnips,carrots,butternut squash. - 630pm



Ground Pork hash with plaintains, apples, onions sauteed in coconut oil-545am


1/2 cup blueberries, 1 hard boiled egg and bone broth - 10am


Chocolate Chili over roasted root vegetables - parsnips,carrots,butternut squash-noonish


5 olives, V8 around 330pm


Sauteed green and red cabbage and onion with smoked sausage, leftover root vegetables will

probably get thrown in. 600pm


Evening walk/bike ride after dinner.


My drinks are either water, herbal tea, or mineral water. 



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On the snacks, I'd suggest modifying them to consistently meet the recommended meal template of a mini meal including a protein and fat.   Save the fruit to have with or immediately after your main meals only.

You might try playing with the protein, veggie and fat portions of your main meals, to get you to a point where your meals satiate you for 4-5 hours, removing the need to snack.


On the V8, just don't use it as a veggie or meal replacement. See past discussion on this topic here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/1092-couple-of-items-pickles-v8/?hl=juice.


Make sure you're drinking water, in the amount of at least least half your body weight in ounces, daily.

Try adding probiotic foods like kombucha, sauerkraut or kimchi, to see if that helps with the bloating.


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