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Laura's Post 30 Log

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Hi all,


I decided I'd start a log here. I'm on day 50 I think and tried to intro on day 30 but caught the flu (fluten free foods) , then a cold on the 2nd reintro (gluten free again), then did legumes and found out I was sensitive becuase the cold finally was gone. Then tried dairy and thought dairy was bothering me, but guess whhat, that was Friday, today's Tuesday and Sunday, Monday then tuesday it got worse. So I'm frusturated but still remaining whole 30 compliant just so I can figure this out once and for all. My hope was to know by April 11, as we have a wine event, but I'm just going to have to get through another test or two by then and have fun that night and then be compliant again and finish the testing. I hope on this thursday the cold wil be gone and I can try gluten free grains again. Anyone else finding the reintro is harder than the whole 30 itself? It almost takes longer and the book said only 10 days.



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