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Restarting Whole30

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I am on day 2 of my restart (and, yes, I do have the headache).  I started Whole30 March 16th, and made it through day 7 when I chose to put my program on pause while I entertained out-of-town visitors.  Now that I am back on track, I am determined to make it through this 30-day commitment.


One thing that I have done to keep temptations at bay is to make a list of the MANY unpleasant effects that I feel have been directly related to my poor food choices:  body aches, joint pain, GERD, obesity, acne, post nasal drip, piercing earaches, dark under-eye circles, headaches, burning eyes, systemic itching...and so on.  I even laminated the (long) list, and keep it with me.  One look at all these unpleasant symptoms is enough to discourage an inappropriate choice, no matter how tempting.  (I did experience a number of these painful symptoms when I "paused" the program to accommodate company, even though I did try to stay "mostly" on Whole30.) 

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