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MichelleLisa's Whole 30


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Hello all ;)

Started on April 1st.

This is a personal challenge because I have been a vegetarian for the last 8 years- but that said - my health is not at it's optimal. I am the first to admit that what I was doing wasn't working for me. I have a lot of extra pounds and suffer from GERD.

I will be eating fish and eggs during my Whole 30 and I have no problem eating tons of veggies.


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Day #1 entry

Breakfast: pistachios/ small apple

Lunch: baked salmon/ romaine salad with green olives

Dinner: salmon, zucchini, and green olives


No GERD ;)

Notes: did not feel hungry- I'm a snacker - but did not feel hungry in between meals today!

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Day #5


Eggs with spinach/ strawberries


Salmon- shrimp cakes/ roasted kale/ banana


Note: Just out of curiosity, I plugged in day 4's meals to check the amount of calories- it was about 1100. I'm not going to start counting calories-but I wanted to check it out;)

Salmon shrimp cakes:

Can of salmon( take the bone out), can of shrimp


Green onion


Sea salt

Garlic powder


Black pepper

Almond flour to coat.

I put the almonds in a high power blender.

Shape into patties and cook in olive oil.

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Day #6


2 eggs with green onions/ with shredded zucchini/ strawberries


Sardines, Roasted brussel sprouts/ Apple (probably not the best tasting combo)


Steamed Butternut Squash w/ cinnamon, Dover fish w/ black olives (great combo)

Feeling really good- I had already been eating 'clean' prior to starting Whole30 - so I'm not having any problems eating this way.

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Day # 7


2 eggs/


Dover fish/ butternut squash/ black olives/ apple


Dover fish/ roasted Brussels sprouts/ macadamia nuts


No GERD - yay no <3 burn;)

I love that I'm not snacking in between meals:) that was a big part of my problem before !

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Day #8


2 eggs/ apple


Dover fish w/ olives

Brussel sprouts (not a big fan of those)


Snack- when I got home from lunch (banana/almonds)

Note about day 7- I went to the gym after taking a month off:( I had a PreWO meal of an egg

and a Post WO meal- a bite of fish and 2 brussel sprouts ( forced myself to have the post WO because of this Whole 30 program.

I slept great- I did wake up on day 8 with a slight headache- maybe due to the addition of brewed tea??!!


Salmon Cakes/ Butternut Squash with cashews

water/ brewed iced tea

Symptoms: still no <3 burn due to GERD:)

Exercise: 50mins elliptical

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Day 10 & 11


Day 10 ;) 

Breakfast: 2 eggs/ strawberries


Lunch: Tuna/mixed stir fry veggies/ strawberries


Dinner: Shrimp with egg/ mixed greens (spinach, kale, chard)/banana


snack- macadamia nuts


The time span between my lunch is over 4 hours- I had to have a small snack



Day 11

Breakfast: 2 eggs/orange/avocado


Lunch: tuna/ mixed stir fry veggies/ apples


Dinner: Eggs/mixed greens with garlic/sweet potato- Perrier


snack: almonds/3 strawberries/perrier water (YUM)


I love Perrier- I'm going to add some freshly squeezed orange juice in it next time :P


Symptoms: Still no heartburn- I may have to just eat this way forevermore!

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Day #12

Slept in today so I can't really label my meals like I normally do B)



mixed greens omelet/half an avocado  
(omelet was just 3 eggs and the greens)



Tuna/green olives, zucchini, apple


Meal#3 banana


I had a VERY upset tummy after meal 2 so i won't be having a regular Meal #3 today :o

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Day 13 & Day 14


Slept in again;)

Meal 1:

eggs/ sweets. Potato has browns -yum/ strawberries

Meal 2:

Mahi Mahi tacos- with lettuce 'shell' ( avocado)

Roasted Kale


Woke up late- no space for a meal 3

Day # 14

Woke up late - had it rush to work - NO time for cooking!

Breakfast: cashews/ avocado

Lunch: Mahi Mahi / roasted kale (leftovers)

Apple/ tiny bit of cashews


Sweet potato hash - this was awesome!! I spiced mine up a bit with cayenne and red pepper flakes:)


Note: pants are getting loose;)

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Grocery List

Went grocery shopping for this week:

Proteins: Mahi Mahi, sardines, salmon, canned Mackeral, shrimp

Veggies: broccoli, mixed stir fry veggies, cabbage, lettuce

Fruits: apples, pears, strawberries

Fats: olive oil, almonds, avocado

I take dinner leftovers for lunch at work.

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Day #16

Breakfast: 2 eggs/ small amount of cashews/ orange/ iced coffee

Lunch: blackened salmon/ broccoli

Dinner: salad with salsa and guacamole/ shrimp

Notes; that coffee had me up ALL night!! And I could feel a tiny bit of heartburn-- no more coffee for me!

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Day # 17

Breakfast: 2 eggs / orange

( I may have to up the eggs to 3- I got hungry before lunch today)

Lunch: shrimp/ broccoli and leftover miXed veggies/ orange

Dinner: tbd

Besides upping the eggs to 3, I'd also recommend adding 1-3 cups of vegetables and an appropriate fat to your breakfast. For best results, craft each of your meals to meet the recommended meal template of 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of vegetables and a compliant fat. Play with your portion sizes until your meals satiate you for 4-5 hours.

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Day #18

Meal #1 :

3 eggs/leftover roasted kale/leftover sweet potato hash

a small amount of iced coffee.


Meal #2:

Tuna/ Mixed veggies/olives


Meal #3

Ok- so I started my meals late in the day. By the time meal #3 came around - I was not hungry in the least- I had some pistachios and an orange and i'm calling that meal #3.

AND Perrier water:)



Note: Adding the veggies in at bfast really helped the hunger before lunch:) 

I had planned to add in avocado but they are not ripe yet:(

The fat is coming from olive oil that I cook with.


I slept in today so my meal times are 5 hours off!  

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Day 19 :)


Meal #1

Eggs w/ mixed veggies/banana/some pistachios



Meal #2

sardines/ eggs/ broccoli/ a PERFECT avocado:)

This was a weird meal-I was just trying to get all of the necessary elements in without cooking too much!


Meal #3

Sardines/ Roasted Cauliflower, Roasted Kale/Orange



Walked to the park with the fam today:)

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Day 21- and back to work;)

Meal # 1
3 eggs/ avocado/ orange - running late and did not prep - no time for veggies

Meal # 2
Broccoli / almonds and banana - did not prep - protein from almonds ;/


snack- just a few olives while cooking dinner:)


Meal #3

Mackerel Cakes/ sweet potato hash/ kale cooked in Ghee!


My friend made something called apple bumpkin cake- I have not really had any kind of dessert during this process yet- but I had to try it- she is on the Whole 30 too so she made it compliant (no syrup).  It was really amazing:)


Tonight was a great eating experience :D


Dinner was awesome- I ran out of olive oil and did not want to take the trip to the store-I had the butter, looked up the process on the net-WOW it was amazing!  

Note: I do want to note that I drink a lot of water daily!!

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Nuts are a fat source for Whole30 and really don't have adequate protein. Preparing food the night before might be a better option for you. Maybe plan to cook a meal 3 that is an extra 3-4 servings to have leftovers for your meal 1 and 2 the next day. Keeping a lot of quick and easy proteins and vegetables on hand well help too. Maybe spend some time hard boiling a dozen eggs. 

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Hey Physibeth-

Thanks for dropping by :)  You are soooo right- I'm one of those last minute kind of people-I am trying to spend more time prepping but this weekend I was really chillin and not prepping for the work week. 

I just spent this evening prepping some mackerel cakes (mackerel, egg, onion, spices and almond flour), made some really good sweet potato hash, and kale.  I'm ready for the next two days of lunches at least ;)

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