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MichelleLisa's Whole 30


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Day #22


Meal #1:

2 mackerel cakes/broccoli/banana


Meal #2

Mackerel cakes/Kale/sweet potato hash (the best ever)


Meal #3

Mackerel cakes/cabbage sauteed in Ghee/banana w/ unsweetened cocoa


Today was a yummy food day:)  Ghee tastes soooo darn good I feel guilty eating it :rolleyes:

OK so I'm done with mackerel cakes for this week ^_^


Health Update- Still no GERD symptoms at all!! I really want to eat this way forever- with an occasional drink now and then (unless it causes heartburn:(  Before the Whole 30 my heartburn and acid reflux was sooooo bad that i often had to sit up in bed to sleep. i refused to take meds for it- I wanted to fix the problem by eating the right foods.

I have lost some pounds and my clothes fit better. Eating this way feels good!

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Day 24-

Bye bye GERDy!

Well this proves it- eating this way is really good for me;). I have not have acid reflux since starting the Whole 30!
I will continue on eating this way and that's that! I'm sure I will go off 'track' occasionally but not often! Not having that terrible heartburn and not having to sit upright in bed to sleep because of GERD is such a blessing;)
I've been reading that Gluten is a likely cause of GERD. I'm a believer!

3 eggs/ spinach/ apple

Meal # 2
Leftovers from day 23 dinner+ strawberries

Meal #3

Omelet w/ spinach- yum!!

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Day #25


Meal #1

3 eggs/kale/strawberries


Meal #2



Meal #3

Mahi Mahi/ sweet potato hash (in ghee)/tiny bit of leftover broccoli/ avocado


Made Ghee today :D


Feeling blah today- It's cold and windy (for California) AND that it's that time of month <_<

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Day 26

breakfast: eggs/ kale/ oranges

Lunch: tilapia/ roasted cauliflower/ cabbage

Dinner: same as lunch- yep - it was that good

Day 27

Breakfast: slept in late

Breakfast / lunch: 3 eggs/ spinach / guacamole

Snack: bananas / unsweetened cocoa powder/ macadamia nuts

Dinner: snow peas/ shrimp sautéed in ghee and garlic/yummy

Made ghee this weekend

Picked up some organic veggies

3 more days to go but not really - I plan on continuing to eat this wAy ;)

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Day 28:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs/ garlic spinach

Lunch: tuna with guacamole - wow :P that wAs a great surprise - very yummy! / steamed broccoli / green grapes - good ones!!

Been drinking a lot of Perrier water;)

Note: I learned that I don't like the broccoli cuts- only the florets !



Avocado/ fish/ spinach w/ garlic


I like eating simple- easy prep ;)

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Day 29 and 30

Well that was fast!! It's over but not really.

Food pattern basically the same for the 3 meals -except that I forgot my lunch at home :(

Had to rough it with the macadamia nuts that were stashed in my desk and an orange-

End result - lost inches and 12lbs;). The best part is no acid reflux- I know I keep repeating that but it is important to me to try and treat some things as naturally as possible.

One curious thing is the monthly female event- well 30 days and nothing! I'm usually on schedule so I wonder..... I was reading another thread and this was mentioned--of course I read it before it happened to me. I'm going back to read it again for more insight..

I had written last week that it was the time of month cause I felt like it was coming on- but then nothing.

Well I'm continuing on - why stop a good thing- if I do eat outside compliance - it won't be much as I want to closely monitor my reaction to other foods.

If I could give any advice it would be to prep, prep and prep.

Oh I wanted to mention about the cost of eating this way- it does seem to cost a little more- my household includes two young adults and my hubby- I go to the store like every 4 days for more veggies and seafood. That said, I feel it's ok to pay a little more for good foods because I don't take any medications and am trying to heal myself naturally. My Fam didn't want to eat how I ate- well sometimes ( everyone loved the roasted cauliflower).


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