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Just now, littleg said:

@ladyshanny Yeah, it was a good video - I had never seen it either!  It did bring up another question for me though... slow roll, she talks about waiting until mom bakes cookies and then you decide, ok, today I'm going to try a cookie.  When you do slow roll are you introducing entire recipes you like (so a cookie, which may have gluten and dairy) vs food genres (gluten, dairy, etc)?  Thanks!

Ya, I wondered that too when it first came out but I think the point is to literally go SO SLOWLY that you have the opportunity to figure it out. It takes, I think, more self assessment. So you have the cookie and you feel sort of crappy and your excema flares up the next day. So, you decide you probably don't want the cookie next time. Then 2 or 3 weeks later you have ice cream and your exzcema flares up again. So now you can be fairly sure dairy probably bothers your skin. 3 weeks later you have a fresh baked dinner roll (no butter) and you feel sort of crappy. You link that crappy feeling back to the same crappy feeling after the cookie and you can also assume that gluten gives you this feeling.

It's less definitive at first because all you know is that something bothered you, but I think you get more valuable information the longer you go along. Maybe dairy plus gluten is a no-go but gluten alone isn't as big a deal. Maybe legumes are great but legumes plus sour cream are a crap-show.  I think you get more information relating to how you actually eat most of the time. So if you aren't a person that jams legumes into every meal like you would do during the 10-day reintro, you get info more relating to how you would use the food. Does that make sense? It's just my take on it and I've never done a 10-day reintro because that's just not how my life works, it didn't make any sense to me. My bothersome items are ALL dose dependant so jamming a bunch of them into a small time frame is going to blow the ship right out of the water every time.

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